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Time to start over...
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Default Time to cut...before the Winter bulk!

My old training log was, well old. I figured it was time to start a new chapter, so here it is. I'll be starting "For Real" next week. Right now, I'll just be outlining my routine, diet, and supps. I'll also post some stats, but not until next Sunday night. I'll do all my measurements then throughout, no cheating.

Routine is a GVT style, full body 3x a week. I plan on running on the off days during the week to help burn more. Diet will be as simple as I can make it. No major macro counting, but goal is to keep total cals to around 2000 a day, with a split of close to 50/30/20 - P/C/F.

Supps will be a new step for me. My first foray into PHs. Probably the most mild PH available, 11-Oxo. I'll be starting with about 500mg a day, split into 2 doses, morning and afternoon to avoid loss of sleep. Starting 2nd week, it gets bumped to 500mg, 2x a day. PCT will be BioForge ProMax, Lean Xtreme, and Nolva if needed. Also running Purus Organ Shield for extra support, even though 11-Oxo is not methylated.

I'm still debating the specifics of the diet, but I'm basically going to not eat a lot. And when I do, protein and more protein. Obviously, some carbs for energy, but no over-processed crap like I'm used to eating. Healthy fats from PB and EVOO will help as well.

I'll do my first workout in almost 5 weeks today when I get home. Lots of stretching first, then lifting, then more stretching for the first week. Also want to do more ab work, hanging leg raises and flutter kicks. I hate them both, but they work the abs very well for me..

So, take it or leave it. Here it is. It's all I got, for now. By the time I finish, hopefully there will be less of me to show off, or at least a tighter me.

Stealing from The Joker, and Doc Colossus..!
Mt Snow, VT - May 5, 2012 - Completed!
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