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Originally Posted by ricka182 View Post
For now. Yes, that's right. I'm done lifting for a while. I just struggled beyond belief to bench 135 and 155 for 12 reps. Couldn't even breathe at the end, felt like I was going to cough blood. I don't know why, but I've felt like absolute trash for the past 2 weeks. Out of breath, never hungry at the right times, hangover like headaches every morning, blurry vision occasionally. I'm going to just stop everything. All lifting, all supps, all everything. Maybe I'll keep my multi, but that's it.

I don't know how long I'm out for. I took what I thought was a needed break before a bulk, and then again after. I'm going to swallow my pride, and make an appointment to see a Doctor for a full physical. Every test to be taken I want done. I've always considered myself generally healthy, but now I doubt that.

I'm pissed that I ran 11-Oxo for 2-3 weeks with pretty much nothing to show for it. I know I could have done more as far as my diet and workouts, but I literally thought I was on my limits. I guess I need to find new limits. I've only taken 2 H-Drol pills, so I'll put that away for now, no PCT needed after only 50mg total.

I guess that's it for now. I'll still hang around and comment, keeping up on some other logs... I'm at a loss for words, but partly because my head is killing me right now. The only excersie I plan on is some light cardio. Just some stretches and calisthetics in the AM, and a run/walk after work for a couple of hours.

/end rant of bad news for me. It only gives me a longer goal to reach for and achieve. I'll update here now and then.....
Just now noticed i havent seen your log up in awhile so i thought id look you up, have u seen any improvements in health and or decided to come back into the iron game
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