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Kpettitt 06-28-2010 08:18 AM

Time for A whole new KP!
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As most of you already know--- I have been going through some hard times over the last 4months. I quit prepping for a competition to work on my marriage, little did I know- it was on the outs anyway. oh well~ since the separation in April I have gained 10lb. :chow: hahaha no bueno...

Luckily, I have the most amazing support groups, not only on here, but with Anabolic Addiction, my friends, and a new guy in my life. I am starting PhenomV1 today and am gonna get that 10lbs off!! Today not only marks the start of PhenomV1- its also the start on my new life! I'm starting a new job today at a local gym (Kx fitness) and am so excited! The guy I'm seeing is a powerlifter so he understands and supports my healthy lifestyle which is such a change up from my x-husband. He will be pushing me in the gym which is great! lol
So my starting stats are:
Height= 5'8"
Weight= 145.8 (ugh)
BF= no clue right now, don't wanna know....

I will be eating clean (duh), lifting 5 days a week, doing interval training 3 days a week, and doing my dance class 3 days. I"m gonna be a busy girl! Back to the lifestyle I love!

Today I did shoulders and 25mins of intervals on the elliptical. I am off to my new job at 9 and will be going back to the dance class tonight at 7. So wish me luck and stick around to see some awesome results!

jslep 06-28-2010 08:45 AM

good luck girl and its great to see your back at it again!

BendtheBar 06-28-2010 08:46 AM

Good luck with your new job and with this log. You know we're all here cheering you on.

jslep 06-28-2010 08:47 AM

and BTW your shape still looks excellent. i don't think you nearly as fat as you probably feel or think you are. your not fat at all!

big_swede 06-28-2010 09:15 AM

In for the log and good luck!

Kpettitt 06-28-2010 11:41 PM

Thank you for the support and I know that I'm still pretty lean... but it might be a girl thing! lol I just want my tone back! I know that I've build quite a bit of muscle on my quads and hope to keep building some. But I want my clothes to fit again! lol Maybe for now I'll settle with 5 or 6 pounds. But thank you for the kind words. When I look back at the pics I'm not as grossed out as I feel, so that helps.
Nutrition was good today. I always stay clean, I've had a problem binge eating lately with stress and that is where the problem has come into affect so I'm trying my best not to do that these days by portioning EVERYTHING! Peanut butter is the worst right now for some reason... I eat 1/2 jar every night! it was becoming a real problem... so I'm working on that. :)
Got some new shoes ... pg=5110854 and while I loved them for working out this AM.... the dance class- not good at all! they stuck to the floor and were hard to maneuver in. Good thing I still have my Brooks!

But I'm off to bed now... tiring day for me.. Oh yeah- new job is good. Its at a different gym than my dance class so I might have to give that up. But you gotta go where the jobs are and the money is! :roll:

onetiredkris 06-28-2010 11:47 PM

Yeah, ive been hitting the penutbutter a little too hard lately too. Its really bad because pb is calorie DENSE!!! ( why cant i ever binge on boiled chicken =x )

Just get your mindset right and hack out the workouts/meals KP.
Your women mind is playing tricks on you, you look great!

Kpettitt 07-02-2010 06:30 AM

Training has been going great! I've been working out with the Personal Trainior at my new gym, which is awesome. and FREE!! yes! I think having that extra person to push me has really helped me step my game up.
yesterday I did back:
50+bar- 2x15
70+bar- 1x10
-close grip lat pull downs
90- 1x15
100- 2x12
-lumberjack pulls
40- 1x15
45- 1x12
50- 1x10
-bent over rows
50+bar- 1x15
60+bar- 1x12
60+bar- 1x10
-pull ups
2x8 (hate hate hate pullups..)

The PhenomV1 has really been helpful with curbing my appetite too since I was having problems with that. I haven't binged on PB in like 2 days! Yea!!! Meals have been solid because I've been working from 9-7 and working out before that. Takes up lots of my 'sit around and eat' time. I have to eat what I packed only. which is good! Anyway- I'm off to workout and then work. I'm going to dinner with a friend tonight so I'm gonna go for the classic salad with grilled shrimp on top. Always seems to be a good healthy choice at this restaurant.

big_swede 07-02-2010 07:11 AM

Good w/o KP! Agree that having someone pushing you really helps out sometimes =)

jslep 07-02-2010 07:22 AM

nice workout KP nice to see you enjoying it again!

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