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xKyle10 06-25-2010 12:21 AM

Road To Glory
Most of you who followed my MAX-OT log have gotten to know me personally, but for the newcomers, welcome. I'm going to start off with a variation of Layne Norton's Power/Hyper and stick with that until/if I stall. This is RJ Perkins' variation of it which I am currently running: R J Perkins Profile! R J Perkins Pictures, Videos & Workouts | Muscle & Strength

Started the routine two days ago and so far it has been great to me! This is most likely going to be a multiple part log, leading to my eventual goal of competing in the INBF. Once I compete (I am planning on competing by senior year of college, provided there will be no setbacks/injuries).

One major setback I'm going to have to deal with will be a corrective jaw surgery. Basically when I had braces in middle school (got them on about 12 years old), my orthodontist had me wear overnight headgear and removed 3-4 teeth in the upper area. This pushed my upper jaw back and also restricted lower jaw growth. Now as a result, my facial profile (side view) is extremely out of proportion and I have a receding lower jaw/upper jaw and is a huge self-esteem issue of mine. From what I have researched (about 3 years worth of information) there are several different operations and I haven't had the surgery yet because you are out of heavy lifting/sports for 6 months minimum and the diet is mostly liquids for the first few months. I'm going to get several consultations soon and most likely have the surgery either over winter/spring break or next summer.

Here are some progress pictures for the unaware:

Built up this base after an inconsistent run of Macdow's 5x5:

Lifted on and off for about a year (about 6 months of bb-oriented splits and 1 or 2 of a strength oriented split for school (BFS; Bigger Faster Stronger)...and worked my way up to this in January:
(Abs flexed):

Here are some more recent pics after 6 Months on MAX-OT with my first consistent diet:
(Relaxed/Bad Lighting):

As you can see, my shoulders/arms gained the most in mass, and a lot of other bodyparts lagged behind. I am currently 167.5 lbs roughly 11% and cutting to 9-10% BF then going on a clean bulk.

This is my overall physique goal within 8-10 years:
Jon Harris:

I plan on winning my WNBF Pro Card within 3-5 competitions.

Going to post my first two workouts on the new split now

xKyle10 06-25-2010 12:23 AM

RJ Perkins Power/Hyper Split
Week 1, Day 1: Upper Power

Hours of Sleep: 7
Calories Consumed: (NA) Protein: g Carbs: g Fats: g
Weight After Workout: 165.5 lbs

Flat Bench Press: 5x5
115 lbs (5 reps)
135 lbs (5 reps)
155 lbs (5 reps)
160 lbs (3.5 reps)
155 lbs (5 reps) 1 help rep
Chest DOMS/fatigue due to chest hypertrophy workout 2 days prior. Start with 155 lbs next week, move up if necessary.

Deadlifts: 5x5
225 lbs (5 reps)
245 lbs (5 reps)
265 lbs (5 reps)
285 lbs (5 reps)
305 lbs (5 reps)
Great form, 305 felt easy, starting with 305 next week and moving up if necessary.

Seated Smith Machine Barbell Press: 5x5
80 lbs +Bar (5 reps)
85 lbs +Bar (5 reps)
90 lbs +Bar (5 reps)
95 lbs +Bar (5 reps)
100 lbs +Bar (5 reps) 1 help rep
Not quite sure how much the bar on the Smith Machine weighs. It is a regular olympic-sized bar but got is levied. Got estimations between 15-30 lbs. Anyone know about the weight on these? Starting with 100 lbs +Bar next week and moving up if need be/

BB Shrugs: 5x5
135 lbs (5 reps)
155 lbs (5 reps)
185 lbs (5 reps)
205 lbs (5 reps)
225 lbs (5 reps)
Great form, 2-3 second hold and 2-3 second negatives. Starting with 225 lbs next week and moving up if necessary


Video/Documentary (Until Episodes Run Out):

And so begins the epic journey for overall mass + strength gains. First impression is this routine is basically awesome. Only negative thing about it is basically my chest was weak from doing a chest hypertrophy workout a few days prior and not getting enough sleep in over a 72 hour period. Other than that, I was pretty impressed with myself. Figured out my "5RM" which are always going to be subject to change from this point forward :D.

Going to start with 155 for bench, 305 for deads, 100 + bar on Smith press, and 225 for shrugs next week.

xKyle10 06-25-2010 12:24 AM

RJ Perkins Power/Hyper Split
Week 1, Day 2: Lower Power

Hours of Sleep: 8
Calories Consumed: (NA) Protein: g Carbs: g Fats: g
Weight After Workout: 167.5 lbs

ATG Squats: 5x5
135 lbs (5 reps)
155 lbs (5 reps)
185 lbs (5 reps)
195 lbs (5 reps)
205 lbs (5 reps)
New form allows to go deeper and push more weight. Place heels on 10 lb plates and don't take off shoes. Slightly wider stance. Start with 205 next week and move up if necessary.

Stiff-Leg Deadlifts: 5x5
135 lbs (5 reps)
155 lbs (5 reps)
185 lbs (5 reps)
205 lbs (5 reps)
225 lbs (5 reps)
Put a rubber 45 plate on each side to sit the bar on top of and this allowed for better form/lifting off of a roughly 2" height. Great stretch. Starting with 225 next week and moving up if needed.

Calf Press Machine: 5x6-10
270 lbs (10 reps)
290 lbs (10 reps)
310 lbs (10 reps)
330lbs (10 reps)
350 lbs (10 reps)
Good form, controlled negative and a squeeze at contraction point. Starting with 350 next week and moving up if needed.


Video/Documentary (Until Episodes Run Out):

Great leg workout today. Did not have high expectations at all for this workout, most of my leg workouts are sub-par but I think I have found what is needed in order to gain size/strength in them. Still had slight DOMS from last weeks hypertrophy leg workout, but it wasn't too bad. Second day working at DQ wasn't bad at all. After I lifted I went to the bank to deposit some money/checks then bought a Wii :D
Chilled with the lady after and played some Wii, can't wait for tomorrow's workout gonna lift with Dan and possibly my buddy Khanh who is the asian kid I sometimes lift with/used to train.
Next week I am starting with 205 for squats, 225 for SLDL and 350 for calf presses.

kman025 06-25-2010 12:48 AM


xKyle10 06-25-2010 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by kman025 (Post 65570)

thanks kman

jasonjduke 06-25-2010 04:58 PM

Actually your last two workouts are very good and mimic FBR quite well.

jslep 06-25-2010 05:20 PM

got some nice workouts.

strkout35 06-25-2010 05:23 PM

good stuff Kyle, got some hefty goals set out for yourself and i'd love to see you compete brutha!

CallmeKing 06-25-2010 05:28 PM

Awesome looks solid hit it hard bro. I think your face looks good man (no homo

BendtheBar 06-25-2010 07:32 PM

I am really looking forward to you making great progress. You work hard and I know you will get it done.

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