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Craig Pfisterer
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Craig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributorCraig Pfisterer is a dedicated contributor
Default "I'm feeling skinny Tony!"

My name is Craig Pfisterer. I’m a little taller than 6′7″ and I really like to lift weights. I’m a competitor in NAS strongman contests. My hope is to become a competitive professional strongman. Every time I get a PR, regardless of the lift or exercise, I set aside 25 cents for Action Against Hunger to donate at the end of the year. I’m not a major competitor yet and I have a long way to go but I’m having fun.

I've been using pretty much the same template for about a year and a half with slight changes. This is my template in its current form as I tend to make adjustments. I may even make changes to it today, depends on how I feel. On my ME days, I work up to a heavy/max single on the main lift and then do a back down set with 90% of that for as many reps as I can. The supplementary lift I do sets of three to a heavy/max triple. The event lifts I have built into my gym days follow a light/heavy and long/short format. The heavy days I work up to a tough/max set for that distance/rep scheme (besides yoke). The light days are 50% of my best for the higher rep or long distance days and then up to 75% on the lower rep or short distance days. Event days are an anything goes type day but I try to keep some lifts lighter than others rather than go all out on everything. I only occasionally do that and that's usually two weeks before a contest.

Tuesday – ME LB
Main Lifts
Week 1 – A type of Free Squat
Week 2 – A type of Box Squat
Week 3 – A type of Rack Assisted SSB Squat
Week 4 – A Type of Deadlift
Supplementary Lifts
Week 1 – 18” Rack Deadlift w/ IW#1’s quad
Week 2 – Snatch Grip Deadlifts
Week 3 – 3” Platform Sumo Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Week 4 – Front Squats
Accessory Lifts
Safety Squat Bar Goodmornings – 3Χ8-12
Unanchored Spread Eagle Sit-ups – 3Χ15-20

Wednesday – ME UB
Main Lifts
Week 1 – A type of Banded Press/Jerk
Week 2 – A type of Reverse Banded Press/Jerk
Week 3 – A type of Straight Weight Press/Jerk
Week 4 – A type of Close Grip Board/Floor Press
Supplementary Lifts
Week 1 – Rack 12” Log Half Presses
Week 2 – Rack Suspended 12” Log Incline Bench Presses
Week 3 – 12” Log Floor Presses
Week 4 – Barbell Strict Presses
Accessory Lifts
Snatch Grip Bent Over Rows – 3Χ8-12
Bent Over Rear Delt Dumbbell Raises – 3Χ10-15

Friday – DE LB
Main Lifts
13.5” Box Squats w/ IW#3s dbl clinched – 8Χ2
Week 1 – 50% No Bands
Week 2 – 50%
Week 3 – 55%
Week 4 – 60%
Supplementary Lifts
Yoke – 4x50’-100’
Week 1 – 100’ Light
Week 2 – 75' Heavy
Week 3 – 75’ Light
Week 4 – 50' Heavy
Farmer’s Walk – 4x50’-150’
Week 1 – 100’ Heavy
Week 2 – 100' Light w/Turns
Week 3 – 50’ Heavy
Week 4 – 150' Light w/Turns
Accessory Lifts
Dimel Deadlifts – 3Χ15-20

Saturday – DE UB
Main Lifts
12″ Log Presses w/ IW#4’s choker/IW#3’s basket – 8Χ2
Week 1 – 60%
Week 2 – 50% No Bands
Week 3 – 50%
Week 4 – 55%
Supplementary Lifts
2 3/8” Dumbbell Two-Arm Clean One-Arm Presses – 4Χ4/4-8/8
Week 1 – 6/6 Heavy
Week 2 – 6/6 Light
Week 3 – 4/4 Heavy
Week 4 – 8/8 Light
Neutral Grip Dumbbell Incline Bench Presses – 3x8-12
Accessory Lifts
Barbell JM Presses – 3Χ10-15

Sunday – Events
Whatever is coming up, isn't cover by gym lifts or needs work.
"Strongman is stupid."
- Mike Jenkins

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