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MMA Max 05-23-2010 09:38 PM

Maxx's "WARRIORS CRUCIBLE" 2 week Experiment
I have been working with a friend and slowly working in some Alt Addition to standard weight lifting and now I will be taking two full weeks to adventure into the lands of some new training methods in addition to standard weight lifting.

Follow me on this magical journey though space and time as we walk on a experiment though the ageless wonder on getting fukn stronger :biglifter:

Today was the first day of a two week program. I will be working with combat instructor Samuel Dayton who is built like a brick sh1t house, who trains out of the R-1 gym in California. Has 3 combat tours as a Army ranger, 10 Cage fights all wins and is a part of our tactical combat team for room clearance and close quarters combat instructions with Pistol and Knife.

So The beginning SUNDAY - Legs/Calves/CORE and Conditioning

1) Weight Vest 75lb - Hindu Squats
3 x 20

2) Weight Vest 75lbs One Leg up and Down Pistol
Each Leg 12/12/12

3) Front Squat - Knees felt like champions~!
185x1/x1 PR

4) Turkish Get Ups - Kettle Bell(Stomach and core was ROCK hard after I was done, Glutes and hamstrings were light UP!)
30lb Both Sides- x10/x10
40lbs x10 - This was grueling :rockon:

5) Standing Calf Raise with 100lb weight vest - 3 x 50

6) 22Lb Mace-Bell with 25lb Ab twist ( This was grueling as well, I felt muscles working that standard weight lifting does not fire up, Things were popping out that never popped out before)
Mace-Bell-22x3sets x 10 each direction
Ab Twist - 25x3 sets x12

Finished with sweat everywhere. Feel awesome!

So this was the beginning and I am looking forward to tomorrow's work. :march:

MMA Max 05-24-2010 03:32 PM

Day Two - Chest/Triceps

The warm up was pretty nice - Walking Push ups 3- sets, Spider Push Ups, 3 sets and 3 rounds of bear crawls and a warm up of Hand Gripper. This was the first time I did it and I was made to do it before every heavy press. I was never able to press 100DB and after using the hand gripper it flooded my forearms with blood and my grip was rock hard, I grabbed those ****ers and pressed :march:

1) Flat DB Press
100x1 PR
102.5 x2 PR Note- Friend helped with stability but I was all press

Work Down - 55x12/10/8

2) Flat BB Press

3) Flat DB Flyes

4) Close Grip BB Press

5) DB Rolling Triceps Extensions

6) Skulls Crushers with Bench Dip Super Sets
A) Skulls - 60x8/60x8/50x12
B) Bench Dips- 15/15/12

BendtheBar 05-24-2010 04:56 PM

Way to crush those DB presses.

jwood 05-24-2010 05:02 PM

This looks like it is going to be an awesome 2 week adventure, I will be following closely. I love to put variety into my workouts, good stuff.

Way to crush some PRs.

MMA Max 05-24-2010 06:16 PM

Thanks guys, I am in love with the MaceBells! But I don't think I am eating enough or some ****, I am getting stronger but growth has been very small.

Sample diet as of today

1) Woke Up - 36 gram protein Shake

2) Woke Out

3) Post Work out - 36 gram protein shake, Big Bowel of Spagetti and large water with 1,000mg Vitamin C mix, was still hungry about a half hour later and had a cup of noodles.

4) Not yet

5) Not Yet

This is what I have had so far but I am eating good every day, Chicken, Red meat, Protein Shakes, Potatoes, Greens, Fish, Oats, Brown Rice

Could I be eating to clean? Should I throw some garbage in there? like fast food or some sht

onetiredkris 05-24-2010 06:21 PM

Two shakes and some pasta followed by a cup of ****ing noodles?
Cmon man ware is the protien at?

MMA Max 05-24-2010 06:22 PM

Update, I forgot the slab of steak I chewed on as well

jwood 05-24-2010 07:36 PM

I do not think you are eating too clean, just try to eat more of the same things you are eating. And if you feel that you did not get enough calories on a certain day grab a couple of double cheeseburgers, thats what I do.

MMA Max 05-25-2010 02:46 PM

Tuesday- Arms are fried -ugh GROW BICEPS GOD DAMMIT GROW

1) Pull Ups with 25lb Plate

2) Bent Over BB Rows
200x5 PR

3) BB Curls ( Not counting bar)

4)Ezcurls - Give wrist a break
50 x8
50 x8
50 x8

5) 300lb Rope Sledge Pull - Hand over hand - This was a pain in the ass but it fried my arms and some back, Was going to stack on more weight but wanted to learn how to do it right first
5 Sessions

Sit Ups - 3 x 30

Roman Chairs - 3 x 50

MMA Max 05-26-2010 11:07 PM

Good Leg/Calves And Abs

1) Hindu Squats with 100lb weight vest
3 x 20

2) Front Squat
200x1 PR
210x1 PR
215x Fail

3) Lunges With 40lbs
4 x 8 each leg

4) Leg Up Bench Lunge
Body weight
3 x 10 each leg

5) 1 leg up and down pistols
3 x 10 Each leg

6) Standing single leg Calves Raise with 100lb weight vest
3 x 50 each leg

7) Ab Super Set - Crunches/Ab Wheel
Crunches - 3 x100
Ab Wheel - 3 x 10 Rolls

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