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Post Swedes new training Log - 2010 bulk, and progress report!

Hiya guys, started my log in another post but thought i should be more precise and explain my workout philosophy, my progress and my goals.

Couple o months ago, in the end of march i belive, i found my progress had halted.
I was stuck at 96-97kg (210lbs ca) and whatever i ate i only noticed very small gains in strength and none in weight.

Read alot on MAB and other sites about oldschool lifting, food and calories and so on, go confused in the beginig but then set my goals and got to work.

Before i did a 4-5 days a week split, coumpounds i used, but i didnt really understand the importance of heavy coumpounds and to base my gymsessions completly around these as i do now and started with 5-6 weeks ago. Then i did maybe 3x6-12 BP, Inc BP and some DB Flyes, then some random cable chest exercise and then 4-6 sets of triceps exercises on my chest day, for example. And the most importand i was more of a pump-aholic and didnt added weight as much as i should.

I completely changed my approach to lifting 5-6 weeks ago.

Day one - (20rep squat as warmup) Bench + 1 tri isolation exercise
Day two - Deads + 1 bi isolation exercise

Day three - Shoulders + abs
Day four - Squats + Calvepresses
I spend around 45 minutes on the coumpunds and 15-20 on isolations like flyes, legextensions, legcurls and so on. Then tri/bi/calve/abs the last 10-15 min.
I try to add weight to the compunds every week, even f its just couple o lbs.
I try to vary the reprange on compunds between 4 and 12, also throws in pyramids and dropsets and sometimes finishes with 40-50 rep burns.
I always squat a2g, and deadlift variations like sumos and rackpulls.
Some weekend i go to the gym just to mess around with fun stuff like 20 rep squats, clean and press and so on.

Progress since i started this
Was in the end of march 210 lbs
Today at may 18, im 227 lbs

The only weight i havent progressed dramatlicly on is the bench (and i blame that on a shoulder injury which make my form very bad with heavy load but getting better and better)

Bench is and was as 225lbs 1RM
Deadlift was 330 and is now at 430 1RM
Squat was 210 and is now at 310 1RM

I will post w/o's, pictures and progress reports in this log, aiming for 500 dead, 400 squat and 250 bench in the next 4-6 months.

Thanks for reading guys n gals!

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