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bas781 05-17-2010 01:52 PM

bas781 - Linear Progression
Not interested in competing for the bulk competition or even the free supps.
I'm just plain tired of duplicating my written log over at

A bit of background on me & this log right quick: In May 2008 I was a really out of shape 250 lbs. at probably 25-30% BF.

Over the course of the next year and a half I cut down to my leanest which was about 185 lbs. at roughly 10% BF (far too skinny, looked like a POW). I put back on about 5-10 lbs. since the fall.

This is at around 190-195 lbs - June 2009. This is roughly my starting point for SS.

I used to crossfit, but now I just want to gain strength. Not really a bodybuilder, just want to not be a weakling. I've been on Starting Strength strictly since April 1, 2010. Start - Apr. 1: 6'4, 191 lbs., probably around 14% BF. Today: 6'4, 211.4 lbs, probably around 15.5% BF. I'll have up to date pictures soon of the progress, but really just wanted a secondary place to store the training logs.

bas781 05-17-2010 01:56 PM

Monday, May 17, 2010


Box squat warmup sets

Back squat work sets

Strict Press


work sets
130x3 (failed 5 rep attempt, doh!)



work set

BendtheBar 05-17-2010 03:18 PM

LP for the win! I hope to see some great progression BAS. I have been an LP junkie for most of my life.

jwood 05-17-2010 03:32 PM

Good stuff, starting strength is a great program, keep working hard!! I can't wait to see your progress

Good luck and hit it hard

bas781 05-17-2010 04:26 PM

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I should've hit a linear back in college (I'm 28) instead of dicking around just bench pressing and doing curls and stupid stuff when I played basketball.

SS has been fantastic thus far. I tweaked the lower back a few weeks into the program in April back squatting but healed through it by front squatting for a week and a half. Since then most of the form issues have resolved. I refuse to let the long femurs and a non-degenerative spinal curvature (scheurmann's disease) excuse me from squatting properly. Low bar has helped tremendously in keeping me from leaning too far forward.

Can't say enough about introducing box squatting for my hip tightness/hamy's, wowzers has that worked wonders. I know Rippetoe isn't a huge fan of box squatting but it has been the difference for me in developing better hip drive and depth.

Roommate is in on this too, need to get him signed up on here. He's also 28, 6'0, 185 lbs. and reaping the same benefits I am. I'm going to turn him into a beast squatter.

Today was a good session. Deads felt great.

jslep 05-17-2010 04:36 PM

Keep hittin er hard man you made some great progress thus far lets see where you can take the SS.

kman025 05-17-2010 04:57 PM

i basically did SS, it jump started my lifting...i did it when i started lifting 7 months ago.

good luck

bas781 05-18-2010 07:28 PM

I picked up Practical Programming a few weeks ago and am very glad I did so. Going to institute some back off period work with the bench press tomorrow. I'll do the same with strict press again on Friday. They've both stalled temporarily.

Bench is stuck at 185x5/190x3, strict press 125x5/130x3. The 80 inch wingspan was handy in college playing ball, not so much under the bar.

I'll back off to 170 for 3 sets of 5 for bench tomorrow and around 115-120 for press on Friday and essentially be back at those failure weights in about 2 weeks time. Squat continues to increase 5 lbs. each workout though so I can't complain (that's really the one movement that lags badly behind everything else).

As long as I can remain healthy and not stall on the back squat before the end of the month my short-term goal is to squat 235x5 on May 31st. Long term goals are to bench 275, squat 315, and pull 400. I think I'll pull 400 before anything else given my mechanical advantage.

In case anyone was wondering, I deadlift or power clean every other workout. Every other workout between those is usually dead hang pull-up/chin-up, dip, and weighted back ext. assistance work.

As yoda would say: "exciting this linear progression is."

BendtheBar 05-18-2010 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by bas781 (Post 57281)

As yoda would say: "exciting this linear progression is."

23 years and running for me.

I haven't read Practical Programming yet. Have a few books to read and might give it a shot.

What type of bench assistance work do you use?

bas781 05-18-2010 07:49 PM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 57290)
23 years and running for me.

I haven't read Practical Programming yet. Have a few books to read and might give it a shot.

What type of bench assistance work do you use?

Other than the dips - not a whole lot of bench assistance work. I think it's stuck because that's not really a novice movement for me. I've benched a good bit off and on since high school/college. Shoulder press work is similar. So, fortunately these movements stalling out some isn't very discouraging to me.

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