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Default Quicksilver's "freedom" log

OK, so I'm pretty much finished with grad school. 6 more weeks of research and that's it, I'm done.

I had intentions to start off this week, but I had relatively major oral surgery (I'm getting a tooth implanted, if you want to know more, feel free to ask).

Right now I'm going to pretty much focus on getting back in shape. I feel disgusting.
I'm going to wait until week 2 until I start major supplementation use, so I can get a handle on my schedule for research. On my time off, I nabbed some great deals on stuff, and back-ordered supplements were finally shipped to me.

I got 4 tubs of Monster Amino 5000 (@10 bucks a piece)
creatine monohydrate
GNC MegaMen
Fish oils
ALCAR 1000(@40% off)
NO2 Black (@40% off)
Jack3d that I still have to finish off
ReceptorMax by Biotest (finally came out of backorder)
Alpha-GPC by whatever company happens to be selling it the cheapest
And last, but not least, GABA (pre-bed time) and Leucine.

Oh, and then whatever protein happens to be close-dated.
As far as the training routine:

Sunday- off

Monday- Deadlifts- 5x5
Incline DB BP 5x5
Pullups- 5x5
Lateral Raises- 3x12

Wednesday- Squats- 5x5
Seated DB OH press- 5x5
Bench Press- 5x5
BOBB rows- 5x5

Friday- Leg Press- 5x5
Stiff-legged deadlifts- 5x5
Dips- 5x5
One-Arm DB rows- 5x5

Tue, Thu, and Sat- Tabata followed by Long Term Cardio (LTC)
I'll start off with 10 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 6 sets, and work from there. The exercise I'll be using will be burpees. Chances are, the 10 on, 20 off might be too easy, but we'll see. I'll finish off the hour (so around 55 minutes) on the treadmill, because it will be easier to mark progress using that (incline and speed).
I'll clean up my diet from what it currently is (which is ****). Not much more than that really. I pretty much try to stick around 1g/lb of BW for protein, and the same with carbs. I'm just going to eat when I'm hungry, since I'm not trying to bulk or cut. Between research and work, I may not be able to be picky. I'll be sure to try to log my eating as well. It'll probably help me not eat ****. Maybe after a certain point, I may start doing the Metabolic Diet again, since I had great results the last time I did it. Just interested in getting back into the swing of things right now.
To determine my progress, I will be using a Taylor scale which uses BEI to determine BF% and all that good stuff. it may not be completely accurate, but I will be using it under the same conditions, every Sunday morning.

Pictures will also be taken and posted.

Feel free to comment! Honestly, despite getting this degree, I truly realize the immense amount of information out there, and that I (and everyone else) can still learn.

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