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Nobbit 05-10-2010 10:31 PM

DE Upper Body (strongman)
warmed up with barbell snatches- 3x95#... getting the nervous system firing
speed reps Axle Press (purple band choker/monster mini basket)
8x3 135#
then removed bands and hit 185x3, and 205x3
Light Farmers Walk 4x120' (60' down, turn, 60' back)
150# per hand- good speed the turns were killer
One-Arm DB Clean & Press- 30 reps
100# DB (3x5 R, 3x5 L)
These really test what your made of, they were brutal. If it wasn't for my training partner there is no way I would have made all the reps with these.

Left bicep sore, tweeked it on the snatches. Right shoulder acting up.
But if you do strongman and you don't hurt somewhere, your not going hard enough.
This was one of those workouts that sucked, but you know that these are the ones that you push through and it makes those good workouts better.

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