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becoming masochistic...
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Default Backwoods log- natural for now...

This is for me... Working my way back into it......
playin catch up for my log already in progress

feel free to make comments or give advice... i am still a novice...

5Apr2010-Machines-upper body
exercise Set/Weight/Rep
Seated chest press 3/62.5-62.5-75/15-12-12
Wide grip pulldown 3/77.5-100-100/12-10-max(13)
seated back extension 3/115/20
seated shoulder press 3/50-75-75/12-10-10
seated arm curl 3/37.5-40-40/12-10-8
Seated tricep extension 3/50-62.5-62.5/12-7-5

Wide grip pulldown 3/62.5-62.5-77.5/15-12-12
Seated chest press 3/90-77.5-90/8-10-8
seated back extension 3/115/20
seated shoulder press 3/50-75-75/12-8-6
seated arm curl 3/37.5-40-40/12-10-9
Seated tricep extension 3/62.5-50-62.5/10-12-10

Got to messing around with a footbal... **** happened... so dropped weight or reps on back and shoulders
Seated chest press 3/62.5-62.5-77.5/13-12-12
Wide grip pulldown 3/100-77.5-100/10-12-10
seated back extension 3/115/15- started hurting
seated shoulder press 3/52.5-75-75/8-6-5
seated arm curl 3/40-37.5-40/12-12-10
Seated tricep extension 3/62.5-50-62.5/10-12-10

Wide grip pulldown 3/62.5-62.5-77.5/15-12-12
Seated chest press 3/90-77.5-90/10-12-10
seated back extension 3/115/20
seated shoulder press 3/52.5-75-75/12-10-8
seated arm curl 3/40-37.5-40/10-12-10
Seated tricep extension 3/62.5-50-62.5/10-12-10

13Apr chest, shoulders dumbells are hard as **** to keep in form...
Dumbell bench 3/25ea/15-12-12
Pec fly (machine) 3/50-52.5-52.5/12-8-6
inclined dumbell bench 3/30ea-35-35/12-10-10
seated shoulder press 3/30ea-35-35/10-8-5
Standing lateral raise 3/20ea/10-8-4
bentover rear delt 3/15ea/10-8-5

15Apr Back
Seated row 2/62.5-75/15-12
1-arm row 3/45ea/10-8-8
Close grip pulldown 3/77.5-100-100/12-12-10
Seated Back exten 3/150-150-200/20-20-10
Standing Barbell shrug 3/145/10-8-8
Standing shrug 3/60ea/10-8-8

19Apr chest, arms
bench 3/25ea-35-35/15-12-12
incline bench 3/35ea-35-40/10-10-6
pec fly 3/50-52.5-52.5/12-8-8
standing curl w/twist 3/35ea-15-35/8-12-5 no 20s should have used 25s
Lying extension 3/35-30-35/10-12-10
standing curl 3/25/9-6-4
straitbar pushdown 3/#8+p-#7+p-#8+p/10-12-10 CableCross

20Apr Back, tricep
Seated row 2/62.5-75/15-12
close grip pulldown(f) 3/102.5-102.5-115/12-10-8
1arm row 3/40ea-40-45/10-8-max(10)
seated back exten 3/127.5-127.5-150/20-20-15
lying extension 2/40/10
straitbar pushdown 2/#8+p/10

21Apr chest, shoulder w/ legs
bench 2/30ea-35/12-max(13)
pec fly 3/50-52.5-52.5/12-8.8
Barbell bench 3/95/10-8-10 bar included
seated shoulder press 3/35ea/10-8-8
upright row 2/25ea/8
bent over rear delt 2/15ea/10
standing lateral raise 2/8ea/20-15
seated leg press 3/145-145-175/15-12-12
45deg leg press 3/310-270-310/10-12-6
45deg calf raise 2/140/10
woke up with real bad heart burn and stomach pains started puking...couldn't eat for 2 days...started taking prilosec and keeping antacids on hand... helps out alot... if it happens again going to doc for possible ulcer...

28Apr going at 3 probably going to add 10lbs to all work outs...or 20 and reduce reps by 2-4.. today is back and biceps..
I no longer fear for myself. Now, I fear for you. The pain has tempered my body and my spirit and has steeled my resolve. I WILL succeed. I WILL win. However long it takes. Simply put, MY will is the stonger.

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