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Lerho 04-03-2010 06:25 AM

Lerhos training log
Hello, for improving my training motivation even more, Im starting my own training journal. All comments and advices are welcome.

The story so farÖ I have always liked sports, and have played a lot of different ball-games in my life. Always been quite a skinny, 187cm with long legs and arms. Then in last couple of years I got something like 25-30kg of fat! A year ago I dieted down to 85kg. Then I thought I need to try something new. So I began weight-training at April 2009, at age of 33. I want to be at the best shape of my life when I turn to 35 at September 2010 and even better shape when I turn to 40. :) So I want to gain some serious strength and muscle. I eat enough food, train hard, and try to get big strength gains. Every once in a while I will diet to get some bodyfat off. Right now my weight is about 97kg. It seems a lot but because of my long limbs I donít look fat. When I got to my long term strength goals, I will diet my bodyfat to about 10% and progress from there. At least this is the plan. My progression so far:

June 2009:
Bench, 85kg (187 pounds)
Standing overhead press, 55kg (121 pounds)
Squat, 75kg (165 pounds)
Deadlift, 105kg (231 pounds)

November 2009:
Bench, 97.5kg (215 pounds)
Standing military press, 62.5kg (138 pounds)
Squat, 90kg (198 pounds)
Deadlift, 135kg (298 pounds)

March 2010:
Bench, 110kg (243 pounds)
Standing military press, 75kg (165 pounds)
Squat, 110kg (243 pounds)
Deadlift, 170kg (375 pounds)

Im quite a happy about these results so far. Only squat is progressing too slowly comparing to other big excercises. I will try to concentrate it more in the future. Now I will work two months intensively and hoping to see good results in June when Im testing my 1-rep max again.

My short term goals are:
June 2010:
Bench, 115kg (254 pounds)
Standing overhead press, 80kg (176 pounds)
Squat, 122.5kg (270 pounds)
Deadlift, 185kg (408 pounds)

Then I will took 6 weeks off from weight-training at gym and concentrate on getting better aerobic condition and lose some bodyfat (although I will do some weight-lifting at home). And then in August I will begin intensive weight-training again. My strength levels will obviously drop at summer time but I feel confident to be quite a quickly back at the same level as in June.

Im hoping to get to these goals by the end of the year:

December 2010:
Bench, 125kg (275 pounds)
Standing overhead press, 87.5kg (193 pounds)
Squat, 140kg (309 pounds)
Deadlift, 205kg (452 pounds)

Time will tell how it goes. My training philosophy is to train hard two times a week plus an additional home training one day (if I feel that I have recuperated well enough) and doing some cardio 1 or 2 days a week. Also I really want to improve on big compound exercises. Usually my gym training days are Tuesday and Friday but sometimes I switch either day off and do it on Sunday. I have constructed the following program for next two months, fourth week is a deload week. I will begin this program at Tuesday 6.4.

Bench (Wendler)
Deadlift (Wendler)
Squat, 2x8+ max
Weighted dips 2x8+ max
Sidebends 1x15+ max
Crunch (in the machine), 1x15+max
Standing barbell calf raises 1x30 + max

Standing overhead press (Wendler)
Squat (Wendler)
Straight leg deadlift, 2x8+ max
Weighted chins 2x5+ max
Barbell row, 2x8+ max
Close-grip bench press, 2x8+ max
Back extension 1x15+max
Elevated crunch 2x15+ max

BendtheBar 04-03-2010 10:57 AM

Great progress so far. Looking forward to seeing you hit your goals.

Lerho 04-06-2010 03:31 PM

So, first training session with a new program. Felt little rusty having trying to do a new PBs last couple of weeks. But it will get better. It seems fun program.

Tuesday 6.4:

general warming up

Bench, bar x 12, 40kg 1x6, 55kg 1x5, 65kg 1x5, 75kg 1x5, 85kg 1x9
Deadlift, 70kg x 10, 85kg 1x6, 100kg 1x5, 115kg 1x5, 130kg 1x9
Squat, bar x 12, 45kg 1x6, 70kg 2x8+15
Weighted dips, 12.5kg 2x8+11
Sidebends, 28kg 1x15+25
Crunch (in the machine), 40kg 1x15+25
Standing barbell calf raises 45kg, 1x30+35

Overall it took about 90 minutes. Now Im just trying to do a good progression with this program. Second training day with different exercises on friday.

kman025 04-06-2010 04:01 PM

just caught this. STRONG IMPROVEMENTS IN VERY LITTLE TIME MY MAN!!!! keep it going!

Lerho 04-06-2010 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by kman025 (Post 45423)
just caught this. STRONG IMPROVEMENTS IN VERY LITTLE TIME MY MAN!!!! keep it going!

Thank you. :) I will try my best. :rockon:

rippednmichigan 04-06-2010 08:06 PM

Very nice, and Welcome if I have not done so yet. I have been so swamped. Any questions just ask. :rockon:

Lerho 04-09-2010 03:24 PM

Friday training done. Weights were not so heavy but a lot of reps in last work set made todays training surprisingly taxing.

Friday 9.4:

general warming up

Standing overhead press, 35kg 1x10, 42.5kg 1x5, 50kg 1x5, 57.5kg 1x8
Squat, bar x 12, 45kg 1x6, 55kg 1x5, 65kg 1x5, 75kg 1x5, 85kg 1x10
Straight leg deadlift, 70kg 1x5, 90kg 2x8+20
Weighted chins, 2.5kg 2x5+6
Barbell row, 57.5kg 2x8+15
Close-grip bench press, 57.5kg 2x8+23
Back extension, 1x15+20
Elevated crunch, 1x10+15

Overall it took about 100 minutes. Next tuesday I dont have time to go to the gym so I will go there this sunday. Hopefully I can recover well enough from this training session. :)

BendtheBar 04-09-2010 05:06 PM

Looks long and hardcore Lerho. keep up the good work.

Lerho 04-10-2010 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 46405)
Looks long and hardcore Lerho. keep up the good work.

Thank you, I will do my best! This 7 week- training program that Im doing now is interesting experiment, starting with quita a light poundages but by the time of week 7, it will look BRUTAL (for me) and Im really keen to see if I can manage to hit the target weights and reps in the end. And also Im now at minus-calorie diet and that wont make it any easier.

Lerho 04-11-2010 09:28 AM

Sunday workout went really well, I was very surprised. It was third full body-training session in last six days and I was afraid how it would go. Now I will probably do a home workout on wednesday and then go to the gym next Friday.

Sunday 11.4:

general warming up

Bench, bar x 12, 40kg 1x6, 60kg 1x5, 70kg 1x3, 80kg 1x3, 90kg 1x8
Deadlift, 70kg x 10, 90kg 1x6, 107kg 1x3, 122kg 1x3, 137kg 1x7
Squat, bar x 12, 55kg 1x6, 77.5kg 2x8+15
Weighted dips, 15kg 2x8+10
Sidebends, 31kg 1x15+20
Crunch (in the machine), 40kg 1x20+25
Standing barbell calf raises 50kg, 1x30+30

Overall 90 minutes.

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