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Train, Eat, Rest, Repeat!
Max Brawn
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Training Type: Powerbuilding
Fav Exercise: BP, MP, SQ & DL
Fav Supp: Bacon & Eggs
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jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!jdmalm123 is one with Crom!
Default JDMALM123's 2010 Transformation Contest Log *BULK*

Will work for food!

1) My contest log officially begins Monday, February 15th, 2010.

2) I will Bulk. But, it's quite possible I will be bigger and leaner and looking rather awesome.

3) Daily SUPPS:
- ON Whey and/or mixed protein powder.
- Fish oil
- Flax seed oil
- Nutrex Vitrix
- 81mg aspirin
- Beer (serious - will explain later)

4) Time. Will run this at least 15 weeks straight as I am due for a break at that point.

5) Photos.
(A) Front relaxed

(B) Back relaxed

(C) Side Relaxed

(D) Front Double Biceps

(E) Back Double Biceps

6) Stats.

Height: 71.75" (5'11.75")
BF% (Omron handheld):

Bulking - To win the bulking contest you must demonstrate an increase in lean muscle mass. Fat gain is completely acceptable during a bulking phase.
"You must have a very strong reason for doing an exercise. If you don't, scrap it and move on." -Jim Wendler

2017 goals:
-Get bigger overall @ 10-12%BF. -Traps big enough to scare women, children and manlets. -Complete clean TRIPLES with weights I've handled for heavy singles
-Curl 70# DBs for reps and knock out 12-15 easy pullups -BP 260x3 MP 160x3 SQ 325x3 DL385x3 BOR 190x3

Gym PRs: BP 265 MP 175 SQ 365 DL 405 BOR 245
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2010, bulk, contest, jdmalm123, log, transformation

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