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MattB 01-16-2010 02:33 AM

Enough Playing Games, Time to Do Work
I figured it is about time I started a log on here. For those of you that dont know me, I competed in my first natural show last year. 8 weeks out from the show I had a shoulder injury that occured on a falty smith machine while doing front squats(I know I should have been using free weights). I finished my prep by just working around the injury. Come to find out I had a torn labrium and had to have surgery. I am now about 16 weeks post op and back in the gym. I am cleared for moderate weight, but I cant lift real heavy for another month. So for now the log might get a little boring, but will definetly pick up in the coming weeks!

As far as training, I will be using a Legs,Push,Pull split. I am very big on high frequency. I will also be using a Power/Hypertrophy setup as well.

Starting Macro's on diet

I will increase the calories each as the workout intensity increases. I will make adjustments based on weight gain from week to week. I will not be having any planned cheat meals for now.

I will get some pics up this weekend to have a starting point to gauge my progress.

MattB 01-16-2010 02:34 AM

Legs Power
Hammies are tore up from today! I havent done squats with a decent weight like this in a while. My shoulder is finally getting back their comfortably on the bar. Deadlifts felt good on the back and the strech on the hamstrings was awesome. It's definetly one of my favorite hamstring movements.

Squats-185x5,185x5,185x5,185x5,185x5(Back to 225 in a couple weeks )
Romainan Deadlifts-135x5,135x5,135x5,135x5,135x5
Leg Ext-130x10,130x10,130x10
Calf Press Machine-250x5,250x5,250x5,250x5,250x5
Hammer Strength AB Machine-40x12,40x12,40x12

onetiredkris 01-16-2010 06:14 AM

get it matt!!!!

BendtheBar 01-16-2010 09:48 AM

Great to have you here Matt! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm sure a month of getting back into it before you go hard and heavy will be a good transition.

MattB 01-18-2010 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by onetiredkris (Post 20039)
get it matt!!!!


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 20044)
Great to have you here Matt! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm sure a month of getting back into it before you go hard and heavy will be a good transition.

Thanks Guys!

MattB 01-18-2010 01:17 AM

Push Power
10 Degree Incline Barbell-145x5,145x5,145x5,145x5,145x5

Incline Flyes-25x12,25x12

Standing Barbell Press-65x5,65x5,65x5


V Bar Pressdown-47.5x10,57.5x10

MattB 01-18-2010 01:17 AM

Pull Power
T Bar Rows-155x5,155x5,155x5

Wide Grip pullups-BWx5,BWx8,BWx8

Chest Supported DB Row-50x10,50x10,50x10

Behind the Back Shrugs-155x5,175x5,175x5

Barbell Curls-65x5,65x5,65x5

DB Hammer Curls-30x5,30x5,30x5

rippednmichigan 01-18-2010 08:19 AM

Just saw the new pics Matt, your still lean as hell man. Great work!

MattB 01-18-2010 12:33 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Here a some pics from yesterday. I think by following my diet while being out of the gym for the 3-4 months helped me from losing to much muscle. I'll use these pics as a starting point and get some up in a couple months to gauge my progress. I will say that I was very suprised with the back pic. It's not the best angle, but I still have a little bit of the christmas tree showing in my lower back from doing the contest so long ago. It made me feel a lot better about staying on my macros and not cheating on the diet too much.

MattB 01-18-2010 12:34 PM

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Here's a few more

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