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JBWarren70 05-08-2014 08:36 AM

Reeves Inspired Training
I have a log with about a years worth training on M&S. I will start a log here with the start of my Reeves Inspired training. I am on day #4 of it, so not much to copy/paste here.

4/30/14 Wednesday

Reeves Inspired

* Warmup walk in 100* heat on the way to the gym.

Alt. DB OHP: 15x15, 25x12, 30x10, 35x8
Dips: BWx15, 12, 10
Pull ups: BWx10, 10, 10
Alt. DB Curl: 25x15, 30x8, 25x10
Close-grip Bench: 135x15, 145x12, 155x8
Front Squat: 135x8, 8, 8
Standing Floor Calve Raise: 135x20, 15, 15

* 5 minute cool down-ish walk.

Pretty straight forward workout.

I was a little surprised to get 10 reps across on pull ups.

I hate front squats...

JBWarren70 05-08-2014 08:38 AM

5/2/14 Friday

Reeves Inspired

* Warm up, walk in 100* heat.

DB Upright Row: 25x12, 35x12, 40x12
DB Incline Press: 40x12, 50x12, 60x12
1-Arm DB Row: 40x12, 50x12, 60x12
Concentration Curls: 15x12, 20x12, 25x10
EZ-Bar Lying Tricep: 35x12, 55x12, 65x12
Bulgarian Lunges: 3x12 w/ 15s
Standing Floor Calve Raises: 3x20 @ 135
Deadlift: 135x5, 225x1

* Cool down, walk in 100* heat.

Wow, what a pump! B. Lunges kicked my butt; deadlifts kicked my butt (225 went up easy, I didn't want to push it too far with this new workout).



JBWarren70 05-08-2014 08:39 AM

5/4/14 Sunday

Reeves Inspired

Machine OHP: 70x15, 80x12,10,10
Bench: 135x12,12,12
BB Row: 135x10,8,8
EZBar Curls: 40x12,12,12
Cable Tri's: 3x12 @ Didn't write them down.
Squats: 135x12,12,12
Standing Floor Calves: 135x15,15,15
Deadlift: 225x5,5,5

Wooo what a workout. Most lifts are down in weight. This workout is KILLER! Wow! This is only the 3rd workout.

Some lifts will be going up. I wanted to see what this routine is all about, and it takes a lot out of you.

All lifts are performed with about a 3:1:2 count <--- this kills the muscles quick!


JBWarren70 05-08-2014 08:40 AM

5/6/14 Tuesday

Reeves Inspired

Alt. DB OHP: 15x12, 25x12, 30x10, 35x10
Dips: BWx15,12,12
Pull ups: BWx12,10,8
Alt. DB Curls: 25x12,10, 30x8
Close-grip Bench: 145x12, 155x10, 165x8
Front Squat: 135x8,8,8
Floor Standing Calves: 135x25,20,20

Awesome...except for front squats (FU MFer).


JBWarren70 05-08-2014 08:42 AM

5/8/14 Thursday

Reeves Inspired

DB Upright Row: 15x12, 25x12, 30x12, 35x12
DB Incline Press: 45x12, 55x12, 65x12
1-arm DB Row: 45x12, 55x12, 65x12
Concentration Curls: 15x12, 25x12, 30x10
EZBar Lying Tri Ext: 55x12, 65x12, 75x8
Squats: 135x12, 185x12, 205x10, 225x8
Standing Floor Calves: 130x20, 155x20, 20
Deadlift: 225x5, 255x5, 275x3

This is workout #5 on this program, enough time to get used to it. Time to KILL IT!

Weight is going up, and gotta keep the intensity up.

Replaced Bulgarian Lunges with squats, and then the following happened:
Every set my stomach is like, "You stupid."
Then my throat is like, "Don't be a p^$$y!" and pushes that stuff back down.
Then my right ear is like, "What?" and hearing becomes a little muffled.
Wait for my hearing to come back, hit it again!

Intense. :sm3:

EliteDreams 05-08-2014 09:05 AM

Git it

Chirag 05-08-2014 10:15 AM

Loving the Reeves styled workouts. Kill it man! solid lifting so far!

brad1224 05-08-2014 10:23 AM

glad you moved it over here. whats your current diet? and what supplements you taking currently

JBWarren70 05-08-2014 11:03 AM


Originally Posted by brad1224 (Post 478831)
glad you moved it over here. whats your current diet? and what supplements you taking currently

I'm overseas and it's whatever's on the menu. But, I do try and stick to rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables, eggs, grits, yogurt, and chicken or turkey; pretty much a plate full (I don't count calories). Meals are 3 times a day, but I only get 1-2 meals when on the flight schedule (I then add tuna, apples, and pistachios for flights (limited on what I can get my hands on)).

* I just got 2 tubs of Monster Mass - to supplement my lack of meals.
* AEN Creatine RT
* I am trying out a new brand, Kore Nutraceuticals. I have bought a few stuff from them and they have given me quite a few free stuff as well. (pre-, protein, fat-burn).

JBWarren70 05-10-2014 08:30 AM

5/10/14 Saturday

  • Machine OHP: 65x12, 65x12, 80x10, 95x8
  • BB Bench: 135x12, 155x10, 185x8
  • BB Row: 135x12,10,10
  • BB Curl: 45x12, 55x10, 65x10
  • Tri Extensions: #8x12, #9x12, #10x12
  • Squats: 135x12, 185x12,12,10
  • Standing Floor Calves: 135x20,20,20
  • Deadlift: 225x6,6,6

Another good day. :sm3:

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