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MikeM 09-08-2013 03:38 PM

Mike's Mission for 1200 by 50 @198
OK, so I've just finished my deadlifting summer and raised that lift some, but more importantly figured out my form to where I think I can build on it with more volume, and my other lifts inched up as well, but not as much as I'd have liked or expected. However, this summer was a disaster in terms of consistency and staying healthy and not eating myself into an early grave all of which held me back some. Still, there you go, at my age it's always something.

SO, I need to be more consistent both with my training to reach my goals and my diet to reach them in a healthy state. I am 48, 49 in January, so I have about 16 months to hit my goals which I think is easily doable if I buckle down and become more disciplined.

I've decided on doing Korte to start off with as I love the 8 week cycle, the fullbody volume approach, and the simplicity. It also leaves me 2-3 days a week to work on some rehab, flexibility and some sled/hills/strongman cardio. I also think it will work well with my fat loss plan using a paleo form of eating. Alan has done something similar and has been extremely helpful in helping me set this up by showing me what he did. All in all, I think this is a good start. May not work of course, but a good way to start nonetheless.

After 8 weeks I will evaluate and see if I run another cycle or switch to BIG or back to the MAB Fullbody I was on or even to something else. We'll see. I'm keeping open minded on the future. Goals unchanged, but method is flexible.

So tomorrow starts with the first 4 week phase of Korte. Weights are low, 58-64% range for the first 4 weeks, but that's OK for now. By the end of the second 4 weeks I should be hitting multiple singles at or above my current max single. We'll see.

To track my real progress, I should be doing a push-pull meet in December this year, then a Spring meet in April next year, a late summer meet (maybe even a strongman as it might be possible), then a the USAPL Virginia State championships next winter where I could set some raw master's I records at 198 if all works out well. (Not as grand as it sounds! A lot of geared lifting in Virginia and not that many old coots who compete raw apparently! :D).

Anyway, there you go. 16 month mission begins tomorrow.

BendtheBar 09-08-2013 08:19 PM


Originally Posted by MikeM (Post 405773)
Anyway, there you go. 16 month mission begins tomorrow.

Good goals Mike. I'm right there with you heading towards 50. I would like nothing better for you to crush your goals and then some.

markievicz 09-09-2013 01:51 AM

Can't wait to see you achieve these goals Mike,
Get after it

ravimolasaria 09-09-2013 04:21 AM

In for you and your goals Mike. I'm 100% sure you will smash your goals way before ... keep pushing your limits buddy ... :biglifter::biglifter:

moeheep 09-09-2013 11:04 AM

Way to re-evaluate and get a plan Mike...Crush On !!

brad1224 09-09-2013 11:20 AM

love the goals and totally attainable and realistic! time to kill these goals!

Squatter 09-09-2013 11:33 AM

Damn, I'm 11 months older than you.:(

Go get it all Mike!! I am of course a big proponent of Paleo-ish eating, which has served me well of course. Good luck buddy!

OneMorePlate 09-09-2013 07:39 PM

Korte huh, very interested how you respond to this program Mike.
I can see 425sq 315B 460DL happening in 6-8 months.
Great Plan, make it so.

KD5NFW 09-09-2013 10:17 PM

Bunch of young punks around here!!! :D

Along for the ride to PRville Mike!!

MikeM 09-11-2013 01:49 PM

Thanks fellas! OMP, you are pretty close to where I hope to be before next summer. We'll see. Oddly enough, I think the bench will probably be the easiest to hit! No question deadlift will be the hardest, though.

OK, so have been training this week, but hit a couple wickedly busy days, so no time to get into my log, much less anyone else's. I will rectify that right now and also catch up with you all later this evening.

Swings: 2x 10, hip and leg stuff
Squat: 7x 5x 230 (104Kg)
Bench: 8x 6x 170 (77Kg) (all reps paused)
Deadlift: 5x 5x 235 (107Kg)
*Squats got easier as I went along, bench was no problem, deads were much tougher than expected, more tired than heavy though.

Jump rope: 3x AMAP (which ain't many let me tell you)
DB Rows: 5x 10x 75 (34Kg)
Bear Complex: 3 rounds w/ 75 (34 Kg)
Speed sled push: 5x 30ish yards
Fullbody stretching and flexibilty

Swings 3x 10
Squat: 5x 5x 230 (104Kg)
Bench: 6x 6x 170 (77KG) (all paused)
Deadlift: 7x 5x 235 (107Kg)

Did the minimum squat and bench to save myself for the deads today and that worked well. Might just add in a rotation type thing to cycle the harder days on each lift. Korte is 5-8 sets of 5, or 6-8 sets of 6 bench, so might shoot for 8 sets of deads on Mon, 8 sets of bench on wed, and 8 sets of squats on Fri. We'll see. Still feeling this whole thing out.

I wanted to fit in rows and upper back stuff, so I added the DB rows because of something OR suggested somewhere, and I'll work in pullups and chin-ups in between bench sets next week most likely. The sled and complexes are straight up cardio on Tuesday and Thursday and I will add weight or reps to them as I work myself into better shape.

I hesitate to tell you how freaking fat I am right now, but suffice it to say on Monday I needed to lose about 14 lbs to hit my weight class. Still, the cleaner diet is kicking in and I can feel myself losing some chub just in the past few days. We'll see next Monday.

There you go. Onward and upward. I'll catch up with you all tonite.

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