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gregger 08-02-2013 03:18 PM

Gregger's Log - In All It's Glory...
I think I'll start posting up a log, a place to park my daily toils, and my randomness.
A bit of background first is needed I think so you get where I'm coming from.

I'm 52 and I started lifting weights again in Nov 2009 after not touching one since 1979 (my senior year in HS)... So for those 30yrs in-between, I drank and smoked and pretty much ate whatever I pleased... This despite watching my Dad struggle with his diabetes, and dealing with his quintuple bypass as well... Yeah, I wasn't getting the message I guess...
You know what's next right?
In my early 30's I was started on two meds for high BP...
In my early 40's I was started on two meds for high blood sugars...
Hi I'm Greg and I'm a Type II diabetic...

After some time on the BS meds my numbers were still trending up. in 2008 I decided to start hitting the cardio hard... I got fitter (relatively speaking) but my A1C's were still trending upwards. WTH? Maybe I was pre-dispositioned to this and there was nothing I could do. The Doc says to get the belly fat off!
But no matter how much treadmill/stepper/dynamic exercises I did it stayed put.
For several years I had a very bad right shoulder, in March 2009 I decided to get it fixed. I had a sizable tear in the cuff as well as some issues with the clavicle and acromion bones being separated and actually crossed over each other... no wonder I had impingement issues! After 5wks in a sling I was allowed to start therapy... I followed the advice, but I also did thousands of reps on the Freemotion cable machine, working, working, working...
I rocked my rehab in weeks vs. months and was released on my own recognizance... On my own I moved to DB's as well as other machines.
It felt good to "work out"... In Nov 2009 I decided to try and relearn lifting; hopefully not too soon after surgery...
I switched gyms from the "big box" gym to a local "club" gym.
For the next full year I attended the 3-day/wk weight training class. Boy it was rough setting the ego aside and start from scratch! At 49 I was 2x's the age of the other dudes. But I did it and guess what? I started getting strong, started seeing my inner athlete come out... but even better... my BS numbers changed.
Mid Jan 2010, just 10wks after starting my Doc halved the dosages and could not believe my progress "whatever you're doing, keep it up...".
In Aug 2010, he dropped the Actos and Metphormin altogether! BOOM!
Who does that?

Bored yet?
Hope not... read on...
So now what? I'm off meds... So my diet is of extreme importance now!
In Dec 2010 I decided to step it up, see how far I could take it.
I started PT 2x's per week + 3 days on my own (5-day split). By June I was ready for my 1st show. I had a great time showing off my progress and placed 3rd in my Masters 50+ division; 6th in "Novice"... I was far from being pro status but I was psyched at the response I got from fellow competitors, etc...
I added one more show in Nov 2011 and placed in both 40+ and 50+ divisions...

2012 I had planned to do even better and add more shows... but, best laid plans and all that... My Dad's health deteriorated, he had been on dialysis now for a while but now not responding well, many trips to the ER, etc...
He passed in July 2012 from complications of his poor management, renal failure and a host of associated ills. I had kept up my training and diet, but no way was this at show prep level... He was always proud of me for turning my health around, I promised to keep it up and be there for my own Grands.
Now for the "silver lining", also 2012 was a great year for telling my story about kicking Father Time in the grapes and reversing my Type II through weight training and diet. Several websites ran the story, I hope you may have seen one or two of them...

So, there it is... Feel free to ask me anything, I have no secret formula just work hard and keep my nutrition in check... I continue to tweak both always!
I'm not the most muscular nor am I the most ripped up, but my drive to get there will always be now... You fellows that are at that higher level than I, know your my inspiration and my goal... NO EXCUSES

Ok, enough of that, let's show some work...


gregger 08-02-2013 03:28 PM

Had 2 days off lifting... My anniversary was Wed and I like stringing 2 together usually... so I took Thursday off as well...

Chest/Tri's today!

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 93.33
Set 1 : 50x12
Set 2 : 60x12
Set 3 : 70x10
Set 4 : 70x10
Dumbbell Incline Fly - Neutral Grip
Set 1 : 20x12
Set 2 : 25x12
Set 3 : 30x12
Reverse Grip BB Flat Bench 206.67
Set 1 : 95x12
Set 2 : 135x12
Set 3 : 155x10
Cable Inner Chest Press 106.67
Set 1 : 40x15
Set 2 : 80x10
Set 3 : 80x10
Triceps Pushdown - Rope 146.67
Set 1 : 80x12
Set 2 : 100x12
Set 3 : 110x10
Dumbbell Standing One Arm Triceps Extension 26.67
Set 1 : 20x10
Set 2 : 20x10
Set 3 : 20x10
super setted with
Close Triceps Pushup
Set 1 : 16 Reps
Set 2 : 14 Reps
Set 3 : 14 Reps

I use JEFIT to track my work...

gregger 08-03-2013 06:41 PM

By the way, here's me before nov 2009

gregger 08-03-2013 06:47 PM

And me in June 2011

gregger 08-03-2013 06:50 PM

Nov 2011...

BendtheBar 08-04-2013 07:15 PM

Well done. I think I did your transformation story once.


gregger 08-04-2013 07:43 PM

Not sure it got published... But yeah, we spoke last year about it I think for the M&S side?

It's all still great stuff, no going back to my old ways

gregger 08-05-2013 02:35 PM

By the way... Here's where I train:

It's def a PL gym, but they don't mind if this old BB'er comes in and knocks plates around...
There's chalk a plenty; you can yell all you want and dropping weights is AOK...

Plenty of iron, plenty of equip... just not enough mirrors ;-)

gregger 08-05-2013 02:38 PM

Monday is a leg day for me... Here you go:

Barbell Front Squat 270
Set 1 : 135x8
Set 2 : 155x8
Set 3 : 185x8
Set 4 : 225x6
One Legged Leg Press Machine 348
Set 1 : 200x8
Set 2 : 250x8
Set 3 : 250x8
Set 4 : 290x6
Standing Cable Leg Curl 133.33
Set 1 : 70x12
Set 2 : 90x12
Set 3 : 100x10
fitness ball leg curls
Set 1 : 20
Set 2 : 20
Set 3 : 20
One Leg Cable Calf Raise 210
Set 1 : 100x15
Set 2 : 120x15
Set 3 : 140x15
Bodyweight Standing Calf Raise
Set 1 : 25 Reps
Set 2 : 25 Reps
Set 3 : 25 Reps
Set 4 : 25 Reps

I use JEFIT app on my phone to track my workouts... The number to the right is the auto generated 1RM... fyi

gregger 08-05-2013 02:41 PM

My post drink...

Strawberry egg whites + 2 scoops "Zeus Juice" + a touch of unsweetened almond milk

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