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Soldier 07-24-2013 08:11 PM

Home gym chronicles, part 4; back to building
There's been a huge change for me. After about a year of applying myself towards the goal of becoming a competitive powerlifter I've decided to hang it up. I first decided to commit myself to powerlifting because my wife was doing it as well, and it was meant to be something we could do as a family. Unfortunately, my wife didn't keep up her training, and now something that was menat to bring us together is actually starting to tear my family apart. If I want to continue to improve in powerlifting than it will require more and more of my time, and that's just not something I can give when I already have to give so much time to my job.

So, now it's on to the next thing. One thing I liked about powerlifting is that my goals were clear; put more weight on the bar. Before powerlifting I was always trying to do a little of everything and it wans't really getting me very far. I'm going to commit myself to bodybuilding. Unlike powerlifting, I don't really expect to compete. I just want to have an awesome, powerful physique. In being back at a gym over the past few weeks I've seen a lot of strong looking guys, and I was pretty jealous. I found solice in the fact that I could put more weight on the bar than they could, but that's not going to be the focus anymore, and honestly, it never really gave me much solice anyways.

Honestly, my training isn't going to change very much. The volume will go up, the intensity will go down, and the rest times will go down. The first goal will be a cut, this time unburdened by the need to maintain strength.

Today was lower body day. I trained at the gym.

High bar, bodybuilding squat-


Leg press-


I swear, the most popular ab machine in the gym is the GHR. I've only seen one other person use it as a GHR and he was a powerlifter, but there's ALWAYS someone doing abs on that thing. I'm pretty sure I got some weird looks when I was on it because people thought I was using it wrong.

Anyways, good workout. I got the whole thing done in a little over an hour and I can tell you for sure that I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

For the moment I'll probably be training 4 days a week with an upper/lower split. This split and I have a good history together, so it'll be fun to see what I can do with it now that I have different goals.

brad1224 07-25-2013 11:56 AM

big ole leg day! along for the ride man

Soldier 07-25-2013 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by brad1224 (Post 390697)
big ole leg day! along for the ride man

If I can build half the physique you've got I'll consider it a success. Thanks for checking it out!

Soldier 07-25-2013 09:09 PM

First upper body day since moving into bodybuilding. My goal was to hit my chest, shoulders, and triceps today, and I did a little of everything to see how my bum shoulder would react. It actually held up pretty well.

I'm not going to be able to remember everything I did and what weights I used, but I'll give it a go anyways.

Bench press machine-

Single arm overhead press-

Dumbell bench press-

Hang clean and press-
I used the bodybuilding bar for this. I'm not sure how much it weighs, so I'm going to assume it's 25lb.

After that I finished up with a drop set on the lateral raise machine. Definitely got lots of shoulders in today.

Good times.

Soldier 07-27-2013 09:09 AM

Weight check- 231.6

It's amazing what you can do in just a few days when you don't have to worry about your lifts. I even had quesadillas for dinner last night, but I've just been eating a bit less at every meal and it's paying off.

I forgot just how sore I can get. Powerlifting makes your joints ache, which is one of the things I was getting tired of, but right now every muscle in my body except my upper back and biceps are so sore that most of my muscles are actually tender to the touch. It's not comfortable, and I can't wait for my body to get used to this so I won't be so utterly sore.

Today, Saturday, is supposed to be an epic training day. I'll do 5x5 deadlifts then hit my legs, upper back, and biceps all in one session. I wrote out my training plan yesterday and I'm pretty excited with it. Because most of my training will be done at a well equipped but busy gym I left the workouts vague, more like a general outline that allows me to choose what movement to do based on what equipment is available at the time.

jdmalm123 07-27-2013 10:11 AM

I look forward to following someone who is crystal clear on their goals!

BendtheBar 07-27-2013 12:42 PM

In for epic part 4.

Soldier 07-27-2013 09:56 PM

Thanks guys. I'm feeling very positive at the moment.

I think I have a short term goal, but it's an odd one; I want to be Bane. For Halloween, that is. I want to make Tom Hardy look like shit in comparison, which actually won't be hard. I'm already bigger and have comparable body fat levels to Tom in the movie. I want to be bigger than bane but more ripped than Tom from Warrior. Not sure if I can pull that off by Halloween, but I'm going to try.

I didn't train today. The gym closes fairly early on the weekends and the wife and I had to go look for houses. I'll go tomorrow and tear it up.

Steak burritos for dinner. They were fantastic, so I'm going to write out how I made them because I'm a little buzzed right now and I'm bored.

I used sirloin steak. When I do steak for sandwiches or burritos I always grill it as a whole piece then slice it afterwards. that makes it more tender as long as you leave it pink or even red in the middle. It's best to let steak rest for at least 5 minutes before you slice it. That way it holds in more juice than if you just cut it up right off the grill. After slicing up the steak I put it in a mixing bowl and mixed it up with brown rice along with some cheese and picante sauce, which I prefer to salsa.

I then took this mixture and poured it into my tortillas, rolled them up, then poured a mixture of salsa and cheese (microwaved together then stirred up) over the rolled burritos. I like burritos like this. I call them restaurant style because if you go to a Mexican restaurant that's how you'll get them.

Anyways, today was one of those dieting days where you know you probably didn't lose any fat, but probably didn't gain any either, and I'm of with days like that, especially on the weekend.

Training and mowing tomorrow, so hopefully I can have a low intake day and lose some fat too.

Soldier 07-27-2013 11:33 PM

For some reason a girl is even hotter when you know she can kick your ass.

jdmalm123 07-28-2013 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by Soldier (Post 391666)

PS Tom Hardy = traps

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