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Default 2010 - A year of change. My mostly full-body log

I already had a nice little log going in, and I will still keep it. But, would be nice to get feedback from folks in this forum as well. So, here I am starting a log (workout posts will be duplicated with my other log).

Enough said. Now, onto the routine I am following.

Goals (in order of importance)
1. Strength in the following 6 specific lifts
- Flat bench press
- Military Press
- Powerclean
- Deadlift
- Back squat (PL style parallel squat)
- Front squat (ATG)
2. Gain muscle (this is a bb website after all )
3. Not get fatter. Actually, hope to lean out a bit.

The routine

Workout - A

Main lifts -
Military Press (push)
Cleans (pull)
Back squat (legs)

Supporting lifts -
Biceps work
Chest iso work
Lat work
Forearm work

Workout - B

Main lifts -
Deadlifts (pull)
Bench Press (push)
Front squat (legs)

Supporting lifts -
Triceps work
Delt work
Calf work
Set and rep scheme
Main lifts: 5 sets x 5 reps (3 for cleans) - ramping up weights to top 2 sets + 6th set is a rep-out (set PR for reps). weight used will be same as 3rd set.
Supporting lifts: 2 sets x 15 reps (8-10 for dips and pull-ups and try to work up)

Rest intervals
Main lifts: 1 min between ramping up sets. 2 min before 4th and 5th sets
Supporting lifts: 30-45 seconds

Weights / progression scheme
Weights will start @ 80% of my current 5RM (i.e. about 2/3 of 1RM). Progress by 5% each workout till the starting 5RM is reached. Progress by 2.5% there on.

Re-setting weights / deloads
Reset when I cant get more than 4 reps in the 5th set. The re-set weights will be 85-90% of the weight at which I stall. Deloading will be done over 2 workouts when I start stalling in most of the lifts. Deload weights will NOT be less, but # of reps will be reduced to 2, instead of 5. Plus the 5th rep-out set will be skipped.

Train 3 x week.
week 1: A / rest / B / rest / A / rest / rest
week 2: B / rest / A / rest / B / rest / rest

Recomp diet, the simplest possible. Eat at maintenance, without any fancy macro cycling etc, although may resort to that at a later stage if needed.

Still vacationing. So, the workouts might not be regular. Nor am I likely to be a regular poster until I get back to Ames, but anyway, I will still try to be regular enough.

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