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DevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good postsDevoD has made some good posts
Default DevoD's Training Progression

There is such a wealth of information out there for building a physique, I found it quite overwhelming to actually choose a proven method; do I choose a split or a fullbody routine--then how many sets/reps/rest should I be using. It was quite apparent I was inconsistent and bouncing around method to method with minor results. I have come here to simplify my training, and hopefully not waste anymore time.

I originally trained for sports growing up, and then began training as a hobby as I became addicted to athletics. The last 4 years I have trained improperly and spun my wheels--I think I finally have the right idea. I have decided to start a log to keep me accountable, and to take advice from those experienced lifters. I did make gains from 139-172 over 4 years, but it is tough to say how much was from natural growth and what was from the weight room.


Age: 23
Body Type: Ectomorph (if I had to categorize it)
Years Training: 4


Weight: 172lbs @ 6'0
BF: unknown

Deadlift: 4x6 @ 305
Squat 4x6 @ 225
Bench 4x6 @ 80lb dumbells
Pendley Rows: 3x8 @ 155

Program: Power-building the Muscle and Brawn Way

I have chosen the above routine because I love being in the gym. This allows me to train essentially 3 on 1 off, and it is focused on the compounds, progressive overload, and simplicity.

Diet: Very Strict, Same foods everyday, dinner may change.

Breakfast: 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup of egg-whites, 10ml Olive Oil, A little Honey, and once scoop of protein.
Lunch: Orange, Apple, 1/2 cup trail mix, 1 scoop protein with water
Dinner: (Biggest Meal of the Day) Large bowl of salad, usually close to 1/2lb of meat, 2 sweet potatoes and carrots. Meat is usually beef or deer. I also add in extra carbs like rice or more potatoes.
Snack: 3 cups of milk and one scoop of protein. (plus 1 cup of rolled oats before squat/deadlift days)

Totals: This is more so a high carb diet, but my protein would fall between 170g and 200g a day. Calories always hit around the 3000 mark.

Why: Following bad advice I was heavily taking weight gain powders, and I am now left with a poor physique as I have a high bf% presumably; no abs are visible, and I have a stomach on myself. I figure by eating like I am, I can get my bf under control without having to count calories religiously. I want to be able to see my top 4 abs before I really up my calories. I don't see the point to eating more when I can't even tell that I'm dedicated to the gym.

Goal: Increase my Strength and Size. I would ideally like to follow a lean bulk, but first it requires burning off a lot of bodyfat while strength training. I would also like to build my traps, delts, forearms and calfs up more than anything. This will help create a nice illusion on my frame; however I still want to be strong all over. [U]I have no desire to get 'ripped', I just want to gain size, but still be able to lightly see my top 4 abs. I would much rather create a powerful looking physique, like every classic physique I look up to.

If my goal does not seem attainable, or if I have packed too much in the above, critiques are welcome.

I will be updating this every 12 days, as that is the length of one cycle of the program. I am currently on Day 8 of my third cycle, and will update the log on Day 12.

If you have any tips on combating lower back tightness in such a routine it would be much appreciated. If you think I have chosen a routine thats not optimal for my goals, the advice is welcome! I felt this was a good choice for simplicity and progression, however the weights are starting to get heavy, and I'm not sure how long I can sustain putting weight on the bar.


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