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So here goes. Little background. It's late 2010, 370lbs and I can't tie my own shoes. It's time to change. Started going to a gym just going, doing cardio and losing weight. Met another friend, took me to a powerlifting/hardcore gym and it happened.. I want to powerlift.

Got down to 255lbs off cardio and lifting some and thought, lets go for it. So here it is 2013 and I'm still with it. I had a rocky weight gain (got up to 307), now I'm down to ~294 and dropping (I don't weigh myself often).

I'm doing a Stronglifts 5x5, actually sticking with it (noob mistakes have been made before). I'm on week 8 out of 12 and excited to hit these lifts.

Here's what I did starting from Monday. I do a mwf split.

Monday 1/21/2013:
Bench - 130, 160, 190, 225, 255x5
BB Rows - 100, 125, 150, 175, 205x5
DB Incline - 80, 90, 105x5
Seated Pulldowns - 150, 170, 170x8
Seated Dips - 90, 180, 270, 360x8 (I realized that training my triceps is not needed at this point in training, but I wanted to see if it would help)

I also had the local powerlifters give me a form check on 225x2 on bench and they said I look strong so it's encouraging.

Wed 1/23/2013:
DL - 280, 335, 390, 445x5
Mil Press - 95, 115, 130, 150x5
45 degree reverse hyper - BW, 25, 35x8 (bodyweight, 25lb plate, 35lb plate)
Face Pulls - 60, 70, 80x8
Side Delt Raise Machine - 90, 110, 130x8 (having troubles firing side delt and helping my mil press)
Rear Delt DB - 10, 15, 20x8 (under developed, I try to add this in as much as I can)

So far since week 5 I've been breaking PRs all over, bench being the biggest.

I'll update tomorrow with my results for Friday. It's nice having all of the numbers already in an excel sheet (I can start visualizing my week 12 lifts now).

I don't do squats, the gym is not very good equipment wise for it (I know) but when I get my own place I'll be adding in squats.

Thanks and good luck to everyone with their goals and training logs.
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