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Old 12-28-2012, 08:49 PM   #1
Train, Eat, Rest, Repeat!
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Default Spam pictures of my biceps. Whatever.

I'm probably just here for the hot girl thread...but, maybe some training, too...

But, seriously, I'm at that point I never expected to hit...mediocrity. Gone is my superfit youth, my limitless motivation for lifting, and even my "need" to lift regularly. Not sure exactly what happened. As with many things, it must have slipped away in degrees. I was always aware it was happening but always near enough to my potential that I could put things off a little longer...

Guess, that caught up with me.

So, I do want certain things out of fitness and they probably won't surprise anyone. Bigger, stronger, faster...but even more, I want to feel vital. I want to know my body will deliver what I ask of it without hesitating. I want that inner FIRE to be re-kindled...not so much the fire for the weights themselves, but for the things that above-average fitness allows you to do.

So, here I am starting over...again...and expecting more this, what makes this time different? Maybe nothing, maybe everything.

The good: I have a physical job 4-6 days per week (lifting furniture, etc.) and I'm on my feet most of the day with well-paced breaks during the day (most of the time).

The bad: It's winter and my main gym is my outdoor garage. Feeling more tired than I should most days regardless of activity level. No lifting community around.

Age: 38
HT: 6' (almost)
WT: 182-184 lbs
BF: 15-19%
Strength: Low
Speed: Slow
Endurance: Moderate

GOAL (I gotta pick one, right?)
I'm gonna go with...Basic Strength Training.
I have ground to reclaim, muscle to re-gain, and need a simple progression that isn't time-intensive.
I definitely need to get my pull-ups back!

Program to follow...
2017 goals: Stay consistent & get stronger
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biceps, pictures, spam

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