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CoopDawg 10-16-2012 04:11 PM

C-murder- ol big boy
This is basically part two of my year. This is stage 2 plan with my coach joseph ohrablo.

day 1-legs

1-leg extensions two sets x 20 as a warm up

2-squats 6x10

3-in place lunges holding dumbbells 3 sets x 15 each leg

4-leg press 4 sets 10 reps feet low 10 reps feet high on platform. no rest between changing feet postions add weight to each

5- leg extensions do one set to failure x 30 reps!! if you fail before 30 rest 30 seconds go again, rest 30 seconds etc

6-stiff leg deads barbell 4 sets x 8 add to each fail on last

7-seated leg curls 2 sets x 10 fail on both

8- calf press on leg press 5 sets x 20

day 2-chest and shoulders

1-incline dumbbell presses 5 sets x 10 add to each fail on last

2-flat dumbbell flyes 4 sets x 12 add to each fail on last

3-incline machine press (any machine) 3 sets x 15 fail on all three

4-push ups one set to failure

5-barbell push press 4 sets x 5 add to each fail on last

6-wide grip barbell upright row 3 sets x 8 reps add to each fail on last

7-dumbbell side laterals 2 sets x fail x 15

8-rear lateral machine 2 sets x 15 fail on both

day 3-back

1-deadlifts 3-4 warm ups 8-10 reps on warm ups then 5 sets x 3 reps add to each fail on last

2-decline dumbbell pullovers 4 sets x 10 add to each fail on last

3-hammer row or seated cable row 3 sets x 8 fail on last set

4-pull ups 2 sets x failure

5-pulldown to front 4 sets x 10 add to each fail on last

6-barbell shrugs 5 x 5 fail on last

day 4-arms

1-barbell curls 4 sets x 8 fail on last

2-one arm dumbbell preacher curls on flat side 3 sets x 10 fail on last

3-two arm dumbbell hammer curls fst-7...7 sets x 10 reps with 30 seconds rest between sets

4-dumbbell close grip press 5 sets x 8 reps fail on last

5-e-z curl bar skull crushers 3 sets x 10 fail on last

6-pressdowns fst-7 7 sets x 10 rest with 30 seconds rest between

day 5-chest and rear delts

1-incline barbell press (free weights) perfect form..5 sets x 10 close to failure on last

2-high incline flyes (1-2 notches below shoulder press) 3 sets x 15 reps fail on last

3-fst-7 on flat flyes 7 sets x 10 reps rest 30 seconds between sets

4-fst-7 on bent over dumbbell laterals 7 sets x 15 reps though!! 30 seconds rest between sets

cardio 3 days a week x 30 minutes any machine any intensity you want

abs twice a week

workout one

1-rope crunches 3 sets x 20-30 reps

2-leg raises flat bench 3 sets x 15-25 reps

3-decline crunches holding a medicine ball 3 sets x 20-30 reps

workout two

1-circuit no rest between exercises

1-crunches x 35
2-leg raise x 20-30
3-plank x one minute
4-bicycle crunches x 50-100

CoopDawg 10-19-2012 09:33 AM

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Attachment 5968Will add in training sessions soon

CoopDawg 10-19-2012 12:46 PM

Lol bump

CoopDawg 11-02-2012 02:49 PM

Notes- I never have time to log, figured id log one just to show the progress, I have done some serious gaining and growing while working with joe and i still have awhile to go, about 8 months that is!


DB INCLINE BENCH-35X10/45X10/55X10/65X10/75X10/90X9/10-FAIL

FLAT DB FLYES-35X12/40X12/45X12/50X12



BB PUSH PRESS-95X5/5/115X5/5/135X3



BendtheBar 11-02-2012 04:53 PM

Getting swole!

CoopDawg 11-02-2012 08:03 PM

Thanks brother. I've been giving 100%

CoopDawg 11-02-2012 08:06 PM

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CoopDawg 11-02-2012 08:09 PM

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BendtheBar 11-27-2012 10:55 AM

Lifting brah?

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