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big valsalva
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Default big val's Smolov Jr. Log

big val's Smolov Jr. Log

Monday, 10/1/12

Today I began a cycle of Smolov Jr. for bench. My bench 1RM has been stuck at 185 since April. I've been lifting on a modified 5/3/1 program from April to mid September. It worked very well for squats and deadlifts, but my pressing (both bench and overhead) hadn't moved at all. For the next few weeks, I'll be trying to add more frequency and volume to the bench, while continuing on the 5/3/1 protocol for squat and deadlift variations.

For the three people out there in internet land that are not familiar with a Smolov Jr. cycle, it gets its name from a much longer program called "Smolov." Some Russian thing. Most Westerners wouldn't understand. Anyway, the regular Smolov cycle is 13 weeks long I believe, while the Smolov Jr. cycle is only three weeks long. I've read accounts of people putting 15 to 20 pounds on their bench press in that amount of time. Like everything else, mileage will vary based on proper rest and adequate diet.

The basic premise is that you execute your targeted lift (in my case bench press) four times a week for three weeks. The starting weight for your working sets is based on your actual 1RM (in my case 185 pounds). The set/rep/weight scheme looks like this:

Monday… 6 x 6 x 70%
Wednesday… 7 x 5 x 75%
Friday… 8 x 4 x 80%
Saturday… 10 x 3 x 85%

On the second week, you add 5 or 10 pounds to the above percentages. The third week you add an ADDITIONAL 5 or 10 pounds.

I'll be avoiding any other pushing exercises, and doing just enough vertical and horizontal pulling to keep things honest. I will do box squats for requisite 5/3/1 sets and reps (plus maybe a couple of full squat singles) once a week. I will do deficit deadlifts for requisite 5/3/1 sets and reps once a week.

Monday's session looked like this:

Bench Press

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown (between warmup sets for bench)

Box Squat (w/belt)

Full Squat (w/out belt)
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