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Default Vitality Leading Life's Journey

Vitality is my favorite English word, and with good reason. Within its various definitions, it has everything in which I need to sustain life, and succeed in the things in which I want to do. When I examine its various meanings, it always leads me in the correct direction.

Outside of its own existence or source, life is only recognized through some form of expression or dynamic. A living organism experiences its own life from the internal dynamics of its own being, something not observable from outside - in the absence of an expression or dynamic.

Can there be vitality (life) with no expression or dynamic (internal or external)? By this definition the answer would need to be : "No."

1. exuberant physical strength or mental vigor: a person of great vitality.

2. capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence: the vitality of an institution.

3. power to live or grow: the vitality of a language.

4. vital force or principle.

I surround my entire life, my fitness goals with these rather brief principles in mind.


This is my new Journal and Log here on Muscle and Brawn. My will, desire, and passion, for fitness has not dimmed since I began my journey approximately 6 years ago with the initial goal in losing 45 or more pounds of unwanted weight. I was approximately 45 then and I am now 51 years old. I look and feel better than I have when I was in my prime, and I owe it all to my best friend, THE IRON.

But, make no mistake. I love my wife. And, I honor this love and devotion, by devoting my entire LIFE to the iron as the catalyst in which will allow me to provide physical care for her, when the time comes she is no longer able. I did this for her mother (grandma in which passed July 2nd of this year), and I will do it for her.

For those that do not know me, I am going to impart some personal information, and a very brief fitness goal history.

I am not a power lifter. My heart and my soul in my training is keeping me fit as I age, to enable me to take care of my wife whom has several serious medical issues; however, along the way I set certain agendas and purpose; I make personal goals within endurance, strength and muscle, and low body fat targets. My goal is a well rounded physique with cardiovascular endurance, and staying very lean, as I like the way I feel.

He is a brief history:

Name: Don


Height: 5í 7Ē

Current Weight: 168 (BF 7.8%)

I will post my current goals, and approach on training later.

Occupation: Network Engineer, PC Tech, Marketing Developer, Customer Service Specialist: General Manager Major Hotel Chain

Associate Degree: General Studies (FSCC)

Bachelor Degree: Computer Information Systems (CIS), (SLU)

Bachelor Degree (2): Business Management, Minor: Philosophy

Master Degree: Computer Information Systems

College Credits: Well over 190 college credit hours.

Awards: Cum Laude Honor Graduate, National Deanís List, Business Recognition Award.

Developed and implemented a program for my current employer called HISS: Hospitality Incentive Sales System:

Sub Programs :

A company with ďParticipative VisionĒ

Sales Stimulus System (S.S.S.)
Split-Infinitive Points System (S.I.P.S. )
Special Thanks and Recognition System (S.T.A.R.S.)
Customer Improvement System (C.I.S. )
Catch and Hook System (C.A.H.S.)
Employee Referral System (E.R.S.)
On-Peak Sales System (O.P.S.S.)
Penetration Attractants for Off-Peak Season (P.A.O.F.P.S. ) (pay-offs)

Military Service: K.A.R.N.G 6-7 years. (1983-1990); Honorable Discharge

Military Training: Army Basic/AIT, Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Rank: Lt. (Officer Candidate School, 1 year) 1986

Law Enforcement Experience: 10 years; earned Medal of Valor in performance of duty.

Law Enforcement Training: K.L.E.T.C. (Class #111, 1990, 2007, Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center), Hutchinson, Kansas

Additional Training: Drug Identification, Interview and Interrogation (Barton College), Narcotics Investigations (KBI, Kansas County and District Attorneys Association), Gangs Investigations (MO Southern State College), PR-24 advanced techniques training, Stun-gun tactics and use, Self-defense Training (still on-going, which includes the philosophical side), and others.

Reason Leaving: Physical injury on the job answering a call for service (Medal of Valor); my wife gave me a personal ultimatum, and I chose my wife instead of the love of my career.

Marital status: Married 29 years (once); two children 27, 23.

Years training: 6

Favorite TV show & film: TV Show: House, Pimp My Ride, Yo-momma, Jack Ass (to name a few), Films: The Godfather (I, II), K-9, Turner and Hooch, Kindergarten Cop, Powder, and watching topics on The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, The Military Channel, ESPN Classic, and The Natural Geographic Channel.

2006-2007: (First Fitness Goal Attempt)

Starting Weight 2006: 190 pounds (approximate), "very fat", overweight with man boobs. Body fat very high.

Didn't check so not sure on Percentage.

Ending Weight May-June 2007: 152-154 pounds, over 40+ approximate pounds lost.

Ending Body Fat June 2007: 8%

Goal met: 40 pounds of weight lost. Defined ab core, maintaining/building as much muscle--as possible. Reduce back pain, take care of health and dexterity to be in a position to provide care for my wife as we get older.

June 2007 (Second Goal Attempt)

Weight Starting: 152-154 pounds
Body Fat: 8%

July 2008(approximately):

Ending approximate weight: 161-162 pounds
Body Fat: 7.8%

August 2009-2010/2011

Goal Met: One year (approximately) on a careful bulk to "net" a 7-8 pound increase in overall weight, and dip under 8% Body fat.

Ending approximate weight: 162-166 pounds
Body Fat: 7.8%

Present Standing:

Approximate weight: 164-168 pounds
Body Fat: 7.8%

I have literally hundreds of photos of myself over the passed 6 years, for anyone that is interested.

I take my personal fitness goals very seriously and its no joke to me:
I will log my workout routine (s) and diet, motivational quotes, and share my personal life in this blog as I make this journey. In addition, I will begin to make posts to other journals, and be for warned, I am rather motivated in a unconventional way, when I post to a brother/sisters journal, with the purpose of putting a smile, make them laugh, and bring up their spirit.

Today and every day, have peace in your life, and most importantly, Have vitality in living life and within your own lifting goals.

Peace all

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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journey, leading, life, vitality

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