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Cool Bill's conquest for strength & size.

Hello everybody, I'm a new member here and figured its time to get my first journal started. Ever since seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies as a kid, I always wanted to look and be like arnold. May sound corny, but its true. Around 5 months ago I decided I want to follow my childhood dream and get 'Big & Strong'. So, only having access to a 75lb barbell and one 20lb dumbbell, I set off to start training.

I started looking up bodybuilding routines and exercises, then thought "If I want to get big like Arnold, I need to train like Arnold." So I purchased his book: The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. I read everything and followed the guidelines he layed out. I was starting to seem some gains but, nothing major since I didn't belong to a gym and my abilities were limited. After awhile I wondered who Arnold looked up to? I discovered it was Reg Park, a old school weight-lifter, one of the first men to bench 500lbs. I found out my Idol started out training for strength & power like Park and I started to understand the benefits of heavy compound movements. Which created Arnolds impressive physique.

I just joined a gym about 3 weeks ago and I'm following Reg Parks 5x5 beginning strength routine. My numbers are low, but take it easy on a newb will ya!?

Workout A
Back Squat 5x5
ChinUps Or PullUps 5x5 (I chose ChinUps)
Dips Or Bench Press 5x5 (I chose Bench)
*Incline Press 5x5
Wrist Work 2x10 (Reverse Arm Curls)
Calves 2x15-20 (Standing Calf Raises)

*I added incline bench to the program to build my upper chest. Not sure if it matters for me as a beginner, but I want to have a big chest

Workout B
Front Squat 5x5
Bent Over Barbell Row 5x5
Standing Military Press 5x5
*Deadlift 3x5
Wrist Work 2x10 (Barbell Wrist Curls)
Calves 2x15-20 (Standing Calf Raises)

*Deadlift - 2 warm-up sets and 1 stabilizer set.

3x a week

Week 1: A,B,A
Week 2: B,A,B
Week 3: A,B, ect

Started: 5/16/12

Plan on doing this for 4-6 months then advance to power training. If you'd like to know a little more about me I stated that in the introduction thread. Will post this weeks stats tomorrow.

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