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Default Rippednmichian Is "Doing What Come's Natural"

Well after some serious thought and after talking to Matt, I've decided I am going to enter a show. The Executive Productions - "Doing What Come's Natural". With Matt in my corner I believe I will be in the best shape of my life! and I will succeed and place in this show. Matt has set me up with a diet and routine. Diet is set up as follow's:

5am 40g 50g 10g
8am 40g 25g 10g
10:30 40g 40g 10g
2:00 40g 65g 8g
4-4:30 40g 60g 8g
6:30-7PM 40g 10g 14g

Totals 240g 250g 60g Roughly about 2500 calorie's

Routine will be as follow's:

Day 1:
Incline DB
Barbell or DB Bench

DB/Barbell/Machine Press
DB Side Laterals


Day 2:
Wide Grip Pullup
Chest Supported DB Rows
Another Row that doesnt bother my back

Incline rear delt raises

DB/Barbell/Behind the Back Shrugs

Barbell/DB Curl
DB Hammer Curls


Leg Press/Front/Hack/Barbell Hack Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat
Leg Ext

Glute Ham Raises/Seated Leg Curls
Lying/Standing Leg Curls

Standing/Donkey Calf Raises
Seated Calf Raises


We will use a deload to prevent cns burnout.

I will be in the Sub-Masters division because of my age.

The rule's seem fairly straight forward and simple:

Rules for Executive Productions Contest:

BODYBUILDING: All competitors are divided by height based on the number of competitors. All male competitors are to wear posing trunks only. It must be of a solid color that is not made of see through material. Competitors are not to wear any kind of jewelry while on stage.

Competitors are to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion while on stage and are to follow the directions that are given to them.

Prejudging: There will be three rounds in the prejudging symmetry, which will consist of quarter turns, muscularity consisting of mandatory posing and presentation consisting of free posing to music of the competitor's choice.

Evening Show: Presentation, consisting of a posing routine with music of the competitor's choice.

WOMEN FIGURE: All competitors will be divided by height based on the number of competitors.

Routine: There are two rounds. The first round will consist of quarter turns. All competitors will come out as a group. In the second round each competitor will come out individually and do a T walk by music of the competitors choice, this routine will be performed at both the prejudging and evening show.

Posing Attire: Competitors are required to have a two-piece swimsuit and high heel shoes. Suits may be enhanced with sequins, sparkles, rhinestones, etc. Additional jewelry may be worn. Thongs and bold patterns are prohibited.


Masters: 50 and over

Sub-Masters: 35 to 49

Teenage: 14 to 19

Junior: 18 to 22

POSING MUSIC: All posing music is to be of good taste, and have respectable lyrics. Music with profanity, racial, or gender bias is prohibited. All posing music is to be on CD unless specified differently by the promoter.

POSING ROUTINE: Posing routines are to be no more than 90 seconds long, in both the evening show and prejudging.

This is just the beginning, more to follow!
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doing what come natural, rippednmichian

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