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PCT 03-01-2011 09:58 AM

Final Reveiw of AA's Anabolic Rehad
Initial Review:

Mixability: 10/10

saw no issue with mixing...mixed with a scoop of protein and scoop of maltodextrin post workout

Profile: 10/10

very impressed with the ingredients... was not expecting so much

Taste: 0/10

they do warn you to mix with some juice... taste isnt a factor if this really works... kinda leaves a long after taste... 10 minutes at most

Effects: 10/10

I felt the beta-al kick in within 10 minutes... and lasted for a good 20 minutes

Ending Reveiw

Mixability: 3/10

it seems that after awhile it just started not wanting mix completelly

Profile: 10/10

still giving it a 10 because th ingredients worked... but more on this in the effects

Taste: 2/10

giving a higher rating here because after a while you get use to it and if you mix it with a flavorfull preworkout it does taste bad at all

Effects: 10/10

You can still feel the beta tingles till the last serving... I enjoy this but some may not... if AA makes another batch they may considered dropping this down a bit... but i ilked it so would prefer to keep it the same lol

I tried AR pre, post, & intra workout...

POST: didnt see many advantages from using it postworkout

INTRA: was very nice but then a fluck accident happened................

PRE: this is the best time to use AR imo... seemed to get less DOMS this way

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