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Carl1174 01-20-2011 05:34 AM

AMS Body Mortar Review
I took my first serving of the Blue Raspberry Body Mortar (with Carbs) this morning, for this workout

Firt off the colour is awesome lol, definitely woke me up.

I used one scoop in a full shaker of water. It tasted good (might have a heaped scoop next time) but in general was real good tasting, not too sweet or sickly (I have used Size On before and with one scoop of that I had to drinka quarter of the drink then add more water and the first part was always a bit sickly). This was just right. I drank about a quarter before training (I train in the AM and cant eat before otherwise i yack) and the rest during. My energy seemed fine throughout :)

I like the ratios of the bcaa's too (4:1:1, where a lot of these are 2:1:1) i would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a good BCAA sup, its cheaper than a lot of them, more expensive than some, but I havent found a cheaper one with the same bcaa's ratios, and i doubt they would taste as good.


BigFiveFive 01-20-2011 11:04 AM

Glad you like the product Carl. I couldn't agree any more man, 4:1:1 is awesome and at a great price, not even mentioning the taste, by far the best tasting product ive had. I prefer the lemonade though ;) haha

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