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B-Fit 12-04-2010 02:13 PM

MHP Dark Rage
This stuff is ridiculous! I don't care much about taste-I'll choke it down if it's effective but if you do-this stuff is terrible! Good pumps, good strength gains, energy good...all if you can make it through a workout. WTF is all these ingredients? Why do we need like 40+ ingredients?..what am I putting in my body?? And something makes me feel like I have to puke and high like..I had a sick type feeling everytime I took it and had trouble making it through workouts. 5 of my buddy's bought it with me and all but 1 of us had the same problem. If it doesn't have this effect on you, have fun..but beware of all the chemicals included..beware ur going to need a bathroom..
Energy-10 (made me feel ill)

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