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Supplement Reviews Read and post reviews for popular bodybuilding supplements

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Rich Knapp
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Default AAEFX Supplements Review

My name is Rich Knapp. They call me "The Freak on Wheels" Starting with I will give you a backround on me so you see were I am coming from. I worked quality control more many years for Kimberly Clark and Neenah Foundry. I came from a falimy that never wasted money so I am big on researching and quality. I also have morals were I say it how it is and won't sell out just to self advance. With this said I will go on.

Everything by AAEFX is posted on there site. (tests, history, everything)
AAEFX was started by guys like you and me and were sick of hype and fade products and wasting there hard earned money on fancy packed geliton. Yes some amnos are notheing more than fancy packed geliton.

I have tried each of the product line and use some on a daily base. They take a hit by guys because of price. BUT you brake it down to effective servings they are the same price and some times cheeper than the other quality brands.

The ones that realy stand out with me are the following and I give them 5 stars out of 5. :

Cell Rush= A recovery Creatine formula. - I use it post work out and love the recovery boost I get. Some people use it pre for a boost in there work out. It is great eather way.

Kre-Alkalyn = Patented Buffered Creatine - No gut rut or water retention.

Kre-Alkalyn Pro = same as above plus bonded to a couple Tea's for the extra boost with work outs. Love the energy and focus I get during my work outs with this.

Nytric Pro = (There NOS) The only version that worked for me.

Kre-Celazine = I swear by this for the joints and flexability.

LG5 PRO = We know about the benofits of Glutamine, volumization and fullness. But it also boosts the immune system. Glutamine never did much for me but for some reason LG5 with the pH-XACT delivery system, this stuff works great for me.

LBA PRO = We all know the importance of red meet. So why not use beef amino's? They are all made from whey. Well here you go- Dextro-Cyclodized™ Lean Beef Amino/Protein Complex and tastes great. I even put some on my ice cream as a chocolate syrup.

I have to fly I will edit and finish this later.
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