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BendtheBar 05-02-2010 12:17 PM

ResverAcai Reviews
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ResverAcai Product Details

ResverAcai's Complex Blend in itself is more than enough to give you the added benefits in life. Annabolic Addiction went the extra step and tossed in almost every Super Antioxidant they could get in each serving. Super Antioxidant will work wonders for your body... below are just a few examples:

The effects of Resveratrol are endless it seems. Anywhere from coming off cycle to youthfullness, it almost seems like this is the most exciting discovery in the last decade.

The Acai berry is one of the worlds most amazing Antioxidants! This berry is packed with some of the most unique qualities that the everyday person to professional athlete could benefit from. By means of a unique maceration process (that has been used for thousands of years), the people of the Brazilian rainforest have mastered this technique to offer the world one of the most powerful Antioxidants!

Benefits of Acai:

* Contains Amino Acids and EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids)
* Has more than 3 times the amount of Anthocyanin as compared to Red Wine (VERY Important!)
* Promotes healthy joints
* Super Antioxidant power to fight free radicals!


The Goji berry has to be one of the most widely used products by anyone wanting to reach that peak performance within the body. Goji berries come packed with an outstanding reputation of being a Super Antioxidant to say the least. That alone doesn't complete the process...

Benefits of Goji:

* Elevation of Mood
* Healthy Libido
* Increased energy levels and resistance to fatigue
* Immune support
* Increased Endocrine function
* Healthy Liver and eyes
* Overall Cardiovascular health
* Contains 500 times more Vitamin C per ounce than oranges
* More beta-carotene than carrots
* Linoleic acid which notably promotes loss in body fat and supports increases in lean body mass
* And more...

Mangosteen/Polyphenolic Compounds known as Xanthones:

Xanthones are very beneficial when it comes to supporting the body�s immune system. Many believe that this Super Antioxidant is more potent than both Vitamin C and E. This Super Antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals in the body.

Benefits of Mangosteen:

* Extremely HIGH rating on the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) chart
* Healthy and youthful cellular regeneration
* Improves immune system functionality
* And more...


Our Hawaiian Noni is an added bonus to this already amazing product. The Hawaiian population has used Noni for some stellar benefits when it comes to your health.

Benefits of Noni:

* Supports Immune System
* Increased Energy Levels
* Detoxify certain parts of the human body
* Healthy Serotonin levels
* Assist in digestion

BendtheBar 05-02-2010 12:18 PM

=> Post Reviews for ResverAcai here.

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