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jwood 05-12-2012 11:13 PM

Jwood's Karbolyn Log
I received the Karbolyn yesterday, and I am very excited about this log. Thank you to AAEFX and Eric, really looking forward to this.

I will use this log for everything, I am going to post my workouts in this log while running this supplement and then will go back to my old log. My workouts right now are very intense, pretty much involve working up to a heavy rep set, backing off and then doing a heavy single. I also do a lot of other training, I do strongman stuff and just train a lot. Hoping this stuff will aid in recovery.

Also, this fits my diet perfectly, I will be utilizing carb back loading. So, I will begin drinking a serving of Karbolyn right at the beginning of my workouts. Hoping this will help me push through my workouts with better energy.

jwood 05-12-2012 11:15 PM

Here is my first workout with Karbolyn, drank about half the serving right at the beginning of the workout and then sipped the rest the whole time. This stuff tastes very good, and mixes awesome! So far so good.

Working On Saturdays Sucks
Had my first saturday of our new rotation today. Just not what I want to do on a Saturday, then go back to the craziness monday. Did not get as much work done as I would have liked but its all good. Had a good training session

Front Squats
225x2 singles
275x2 singles
295 x 1, high
225x6, happy with this set
I like working up to a heavy single and then backing off. This may take over my training soon, but we will see.

Hack Squats!!
365x 3 singles!!! PR
These were easy, probably could have gone a lot heavier. But I am little nervous about the position these put my shoulders in, kinda pulled back and stretched. Feels really good on light weights, and blows up the quads!!

Light Good Mornings
Bar x a lot
95x2x 10
These were done bodybuilding style, feet close together and all the way down

Stiff Legged Deads as deep as possible
Awesome stretch

Finisher set of deads, 21s
7 x just to knee
7 x just below knee to finish
7 x full reps

Good workout, but the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy! Not sure what kind of training I will get in. Life is just getting in the way this month. Had to rig up my cage tonight, so that I can bench on Monday night, eye doctors after work so it will be a late session at home.

Started Karbolyn today, really like the stuff. Will get my log started later tonight!!

jwood 05-13-2012 12:04 PM

Sunday Training! What a session!
Really killed myself on the tire today, did not have much left after that haha.

Warm up sets of 1 and 2 flips
1 set x max reps x 25 flips!!!!!!

This was one of the hardest sets of my life, borderline puking held it down. Last PR was 18 flips, plus 7 is nice. Very happy with this, especially since the tire felt heavy at the start. Just pushed through

Fat Grip Clean and Press
135x3, knew these were not going to be very good right away
215 x miss x 2
Had no chance at 215 today, grip and body was worn. Painful pumps in my lower back.

I think the Karbolyn really helped today. Usually on Sundays I just do a protein shake before I workout, but the shake and karbolyn was a much better combo. Felt like I had energy throughout the workout. Felt good, stomach felt more settled than usual.

Eric Broser 05-13-2012 09:41 PM

YEAH BUDDY! Looking forward to this one!

Rich Knapp 05-14-2012 01:21 PM

I am starting to see a trend in all these logs. A good trend at that. ^5 jwood.

jwood 05-14-2012 09:41 PM

Monday Night Bench Press
Kinda of weird evening, had to go to the eye doctors, so I trained at home. Really weird set up benching in the cage with my old bench, it worked but it was very tough to get set up so I am happy with my work.

Bench Press
275x6, ties a PR
315x 2 singles
The singles were not really pretty, it was tough for me to get any leg drive with my bench set up. So I am ok with it.

Pull Ups
BW x 10
BW plus 25 x 10, 7, 6
BW x 10

BW x 20
plus mini band x 12
plus light band x 10, 9
BW x 15
These killed me

Pull Ups
Did some extra sets of 8-10 with different grips in between my sets of dips

Pump Up Sets!!
Banded Tricep Pushdown light band x 2 x 20-30
Banded Row llight band x 2 x 20-30

Very happy with this session. I hit the numbers I needed to hit. Tomorrow back to the gym. Sometimes I think I am better off in my basement with limited equipment, I can only do simple movements. But I like going to the gym, maybe I will start doing more sessions in the basement, who knows.

Karbolyn was solid again. I really think it helps to actually settle my stomach. With no carbs all day pre workouts can make me feel weird, but as soon as the karbolyn hits my stomach I feel great. Tonight I had some crazy pumps going on, Karbolyn all the way!

jwood 05-15-2012 09:41 PM

Tuesday Squats
Felt weird today, felt like a zombie all day. Did not sleep well last night, and work was just brutal today. I did not get anything done today. Workout was ok, for feeling so crappy.

385x 6, pretty good set, couple of them were a little high
395x1 worn out
Still trying to find my groove again on squats. Working out the kinks.

Up 20 lbs from last week, will continue just to move up slowly

Back Extensions

This workout is very tough for squats, not sure how long I can keep it up. I am just too worn out after the rep set of squats. May reverse this and work up to a heavy single and then drop back to a different percentage each week. Will see what happens next week. Working out the kinks right now.

Karbolyn was good, helped me push through this tough workout. The flavor is refreshing!

RobMoriRB 05-15-2012 11:27 PM

good solid work out Jwood, an nice numbers on the squat, you will get it up their an back to where you were.

jwood 05-16-2012 07:55 PM

Wednesday Military Press
Lots of reasons I worked out tonight instead of tomorrow like usual. Most of all I was feeling good today and had awesome energy! It showed in this workout.

Standing OHP
*all were cleaned into place
150x10 rep out set
185x2 PR!, these were very strict too
Very happy with this overhead pressing, I usually just cheat when the weight gets heavy. But I really focused and pushed through!

DB Rows
60s x 20
110sx 20
add straps
130s x 15
150sx 12
130sx 12
These felt awesome tonight, just really pushed through them and pushed for big reps

Skull Crushers
These killed my tris, think they were probably still a little fatigued

Pump Up sets
BB Curls
SS with
Tricep Pusdown
weight unknown plus mini band x 3x15

Awesome workout, once again just went crazy in the basement. Not sure what it is but I have been sweating like crazy in my workouts. Originally thought it was a change in pre workout, but it does not seem to matter what I take, I just sweat like crazy. Thinking it has to be something with my diet. My metabolism seems to go crazy as soon as I warm up.

Karbolyn was good again, really helps to sustain my energy through the workouts. Felt really good today. Tomorrow either off or quick conditioning and then the next 5 days will be crazy, should be able to squeeze in some training.

Rich Knapp 05-18-2012 01:15 PM


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