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Rich Knapp 12-09-2010 03:16 PM

Rich "The Freak's" AAEFX Joint Rehab log
This will be my log on the ***NEW*** AAEFX Joint Rehab.
This will be a kit like Test Charge.

30 days of capsules
1 bottle of a cream

2 capsules a day and cream as needed.

Rich Knapp 12-09-2010 03:50 PM

Joint Rehab day 1
Wake up- 2 capsules.

W/O was a continues tension arm day.

Db Over Head Tri Extension
80 x 10, 10, 20

Reverse Grip Bb Press
135 x 10, 16, 10

Reverse Grip Tri Press Downs
70 x w/p
90 x 10
100 x 10

Over Hand Grip Tri Press Downs
100 x 10
120 x 6, 10

Laying Down High Cable Bi Curls (flat bar)
60 x w/up
80 x 10
100 x 10
110 x 10
130 x 10

Db Palm up alternating Curls -SLOW
30 x 10, 10, 10

Post w/o Joint Rehab cream on the elbows.

With in a 1/2 hour=
out of 1-10. 10 being best

Effectiveness- 10, No more elbow pain, soothing and warmth better than any cream I have used.

Smell- 10, peppermint, I like peppermint.

Clean up after applying- 10, washed hands with soap and warm water, no left over residue and washed off hands the first time.

Over all first impressions. Soothing and heat from the cream started way faster than other products and I only used a small amount, maybe a dime size drop 1/8 of a inch thick.
AAEFX has a winner here. I have tried a lot of creams and diffrent sups for my joints. AAEFX KRE-Celazine worked the best for me. AAEFX Joint Rehab takes it to the next level. VERY effective today.

Rich Knapp 12-10-2010 01:05 PM

Dec 10th
20 min's Hand bike cardio. NO joint or forearm pain at all.

I am really liking my results with this Joint Rehab. Even with it only being the 2nd day I feel the difference. I think most of the immediate results are coming from the cream part of the kit. I emagine the long term will come from the cap.

My ranking of the product remain the same.

Rich Knapp 12-12-2010 09:25 PM

Dec 12th
No work out but had bad weather and put some cream on my low back. Joint Rehab worked better than any other creams I have used for low back pain.

Rich Knapp 12-13-2010 04:04 PM

Hit Db presses and chest with NO forarm or elbow pain.
Hit Fixed Bb curls and other bi curls with NO elbow or forarm pain.

I used AAEFX Joint Rehab cream pre work out today.

Effectiveness = 10
smell = 10 - I smelled like a pepermint at the gym. lol
clean up = again a 10.

Didn't get oily or come out of the skin when I started to sweat.

Rich Knapp 12-17-2010 07:39 PM

It was a Chest, Bi and cardio ( hand bike) day today. Because of this I used the Cream side of the kit also pre work out.

Slammed Db presses with a rep PR with 100's. Once again I have to say my arms/elbows felt great threw whole work out.

Product= 10's across the board.

Rich Knapp 12-19-2010 01:45 PM

Shoulders and Traps

Smith Shoulder Presses. – rotateing between in front and behind head
(plate weight per side only)

Bar x w/up
25 x 10
35 x 10
45 x 7
55 x 3
25 x Sat set

Machine Extended Arm Reverse Flies

105 x w/up
165 x 10
195 x 10
105 x Sat set

Seated Db Shoulder Presses

40’s x 12, 12, 11, 8

Db Incline Bench Face down Shrugs Static wholed on last rep.

130’s x 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11

“B” work out tonight will be Sat sets of Side, Front and Rear cable Delt raises.

J-R Cream Pre work outs. NO bad pain. ONLY the great pain of a great work out.

BONUS= Best smelling guy in the gym. :)

AAEFX has a true winner here. 10's across the board inclueding smell. :rockon:

Rich Knapp 12-28-2010 02:24 PM

Today J-R Cream pre Delt work out.

B/W= 152.2 lbs.

Delts and Traps (Saturation day)

H.S. ISO Shoulder Press (plate weight per side only)
45 x 4 sets

Reverse Machine Flies
100 x 4 sets

Db Front Delt Raises (Palm up)
20 x 2 sets

Db Front Delt Raises (Palm down)
20 x 2 sets

Db Side Delt Raises (Glass Style)
20 x 4 sets

Db Incline Shrugs (Seated face up, last reps done alternating single side)
80s x 4 sets

Being a delt day NO Hand bike cardio today.

Delts took this great. No pain which was great seen as after my chest w/o yesterday my front delts and shoulder joints were a little stiff. (didn't use the Cream pre or post w/o as a diffrence test)

Very very happy with the effects from this kit. :)

Rich Knapp 12-31-2010 06:55 PM

Dec 31
Day after re-feed, B/W= 154. lbs.

Chest and Bis Used J-R Cream pre w/o today. I'm loving this stuff. Even at the end of 39 sets NO bad pain at all. :) The Caps are still keeping me off my pain pills for my low back. I love that, I hate what they do to my memory and the time loss.

H.S. ISO Flat Press (plate weight per side only)

45 x w/up
90 x 5
135 x fail rep
135 x 3
147.5 x fail rep
135 x 1
90 x sat set
90 x sat set

Decline Bb Press (plate weight per side only)

45 x 10
55 x 10
70 x 5
70 x 3
70 x 3
45 x 10

Db Flat Presss

80s x 1
80s x 1
50s x sat set

FreeMotion High Cable Fly Curls

45 x w/up
60 x 10
70 x 10
80 x 3
45 x sat set

Laying High Cable Curl downs (palms up flat bar)

60 x w/up
90 x 10
110 x 10
130 x 6
150 x 3
90 x sat set

Db Hammer curls Super Set with Palm up wide Db sat set curls

60s x 8 / 30s x sat
60s x 5 / 30s x sat
60s x 5 / 30s x sat

Machine Preacher Curls

155 x 1
65 x sat set
65 x sat set
65 x sat set
65 x sat set
Jer couldnt make it so it was just Tammy setting me up.

Total 39 sets.

Rich Knapp 01-01-2011 09:34 PM

Jan 1
B/W= 153.6 lbs.


Db Front Delt Raises (palms up)

30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

Db Front Delt Raises (palms down)

30s x 10
30s x 10

Db Side Delt Raises (Glass Style)

30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

H.S. ISO Shoulder Press (plate weight per side only)

45 x w/up
90 x 12
115 x 4 PR
120 x 3 PR (new)
45 x Sat set

Machine Front Delt Super Set with Machine Side Delt Raises

R x 10/L x 10/Side x 10 for 3 sets all at 110

Reverse Machine Flies

100 x Sat set x 3 sets with a palm down, open hand, knife style grip.
Being a delt day NO Hand bike cardio today.

AAEFX Joint Rehab Kit over view at this time.
Smell= 10, I love peprmint
Clean up= 10 , very easy first time clean up with soap and water and no residue or smell left on hands.
Effectiveness= caps-8.9 to 10 depending on day.
(used pre work out) cream- 10, even days like above no bad pain in shoulders.

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