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ElementalVirago 08-30-2010 12:02 PM

EV's Muscle Marinade Log
Thanks to rippednmichigan and my presidential writing skills, I've been given the great opportunity to run a log on Purus Labs' pre-workout supplement Muscle Marinade.

Currently I am not taking any sort of pre-workout supplement. I work out on my lunch hour so I do eat a sensible lunch about an hour before I work out, and then a post-workout whey shake, and that's been fine but I feel like I need something more to get me through my workout. I'd like more energy to fuel my workout, but not just from the coffee or tea I normally have mid-morning. I want something that provides clean, sustained energy but also offers post-exercise recovery. I'm hoping Muscle Marinade does just that.

For my workout regimen, I've chosen the Three Month Muscle Building Workout from right here on the Muscle & Brawn site. I like the 4-day split and the exercises for each split.

3 Month Muscle Building Workout Muscle and Brawn Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.

For my diet, I'm running a 50/30/20 macro ratio that I've been on for the last couple of months now, and it's really been working well. I've seen some noticeable changes in my physique since I started this diet, and it doesn't leave my energy waning, so I'm going to stick with it.

I was going to wait until today to start taking the Muscle Marinade, but I decided yesterday to dig into it because I was tired, crabby, and well, I just couldn't wait! The first thing I noticed just opening the container was how very "dusty" the product is. It is so finely granulated that I found myself unable to avoid literally inhaling the dust as it wafted out of the opening of the tub. Also, the product's "white paper" was right in with the powder, which I did not like, mostly because the powder is so fine that it was really hard to get all of it out of the creases and folds of the white paper, and not only did it make a mess but it also stirred up a lot more dust which I then inhaled again with a coughing fit. THEN I had to dig into the product to find the scoop, which kicked up even more grape dust.

Muscle Marinade is available in two flavors: grape juice and purus punch. I chose the grape, and I did notice that it does have an enjoyable odor when I opened the tub. Because I wanted to assess my tolerance to this reportedly powerful supplement, I only started with half the recommended dosage. I poured the half scoop of product in with my bottle of water, shook it up, and pretty much chugged about half the bottle because it was very tasty and refreshing.

I started to notice the product working about 15 minutes later, and about a half an hour later, I began to feel like I had a newfound mental clarity. I didn't get jittery or shaky, or feel uncomfortable in any way like I do on some stimulants. It didn't really give me a whole lot of physical energy, but as I said I was tired and cranky anyway, so I wasn't expecting any miracles.

I feel like I tolerated a half scoop quite well, so today I will go with a full dose and then onto my workout. Right now I'm suffering from a possible torn quad muscle, so I'm hoping that won't affect my new workout all that much, but I'll update as it goes. I hope that the Muscle Marinade will help with my recovery on that injury as well. Again, not expecting miracles but I'm interested to see if it assists in any way with that.

The instructions on the tub (in the tiniest font imaginable to man) state to take this with breakfast. I have two hours until my workout and I'm going to take the dose now. Because I felt the effects pretty shortly after taking it yesterday, I think I'll be OK taking it this close to my workout. We shall see.

Bottoms up! :mh:

highkick09 08-30-2010 01:59 PM

im in for this, :)

rippednmichigan 08-30-2010 02:18 PM

Amazing intro woman. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this.

dmaipa 08-30-2010 02:56 PM

good job on the intro EV..hope the quad heals up

BendtheBar 08-30-2010 04:38 PM

You are the log champion! I wish you the best of luck, and can't wait to see what you think of this product.

ElementalVirago 08-30-2010 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 78839)
You are the log champion!

Well, I AM the resident poop doctor.

Bodybygamma 08-31-2010 02:41 AM


Originally Posted by elementalvirago (Post 78845)
well, i am the resident poop doctor.

and moar power to ya!

ElementalVirago 08-31-2010 11:25 AM

Yesterday I took a full dose of the Muscle Marinade and my only regret is this:

I should have worn short sleeves to work.

Let me back up just a bit. When I last reported, I said that I would be taking a full dose of the MM about 2 hours before my workout. I took it with 12 oz. of water, as the instructions state to take with 12-16 oz. of water. The taste was much stronger and more sour with the full dose and only 12 oz. of liquid, almost to the point of being unpalatable and too grainy. So today I am definitely going to mix it with more water.

I swear to Crom it wasn't 5 minutes later that I started feeling this stuff working its magic. I wasn't a jittery feeling, it wasn't a hyper feeling, it was...dare I say, tingly? My senses heightened and every tissue in my body felt like it was tingling. I think I could actually feel my hair growing. About 30 minutes later I could swear I was clairvoyant. You guys ever see the movie "Highlander"? I'm talking about the first one, not the stupid ones after it. Anyway, you know at the end of the movie when he becomes "the one" and he can see everything, he knows everything? That was how I felt. Omnicient and omnipotent.

Red Bull may give you wings, but Muscle Marinade gives you an F-22 Stealth Fighter.

Needless to say, I felt great. It was like I was on crack but without the overwhelming need to punch babies.

Here was Monday's workout:


Bench Press: 80x 5 1/2 (failure) 70x5 60x6
Incline Bench Press: 80x8 70x8 70x5 1/2 (failure)
Dips: (first 2 sets used assisted weight as shown) 50x8 50x7
Bench Dips: BWx9
Pec Deck Flyes: 35x10 35x8 35x8
Dumbbell Pullovers: 25x10 25x10
Tricep Pushdowns: 90x6 (rope) 60x8 (straight bar) 50x10 (straight bar)
70x1 (rope) 60x6 (rope)
Seated Two-Arm Dumbbell Extensions: 25x8 25x8 20x8

I was completely cashed at the end of this workout. My tris are SCREAMING at me today. My chest is sore too. BUT...the pump I got shortly after I started working out was nothing short of insane. I was amazed at the size of my arms in the mirror. I looked like I had just spontaneously 'roided out. I was SO mad at myself for not having worn a short sleeve shirt because I looked fookin' amazing. :mh:

A side note on the Muscle Marinade, I noticed I got a pretty dry mouth about mid-afternoon. I'm not sure if it's from the MM or just a coincidence, but it was notable nonetheless.

Oh, I made an appt. to see a doctor about my leg this afternoon. Hopefully get some 'scripted ibuprofen or even muscle relaxants. Funny story, the trainer lady who runs the fitness center also helps out in our clinic (since she's also a CNA). I told her "I think I tore my quad" and when she went to make the appt., she goes, "Ok, you said your quad. Back or front?" :confused: Now you see what I'm workin' with here.

dmaipa 08-31-2010 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by ElementalVirago (Post 78991)
Red Bull may give you wings, but Muscle Marinade gives you an F-22 Stealth Fighter.

you sold me on this line..can't wait to give it a try.

rippednmichigan 08-31-2010 12:17 PM

I just lol'd so f-ing hard! About you redbull comment, classic. Try more water and letting it sit for about 5 minutes stirring here and there. It probably the bcaa's in the MM that aren't mixing all that well. That goes for almost all bcaa's they just don't mix well.

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