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LtL 04-07-2010 05:01 PM

LtL's Anabolic Addiction Phenom and HT-8 Log
First off thanks to NightTrain, the guys at AA and M&S for hooking me up especially as it involved shipping across the big bad Atlantic. Thanks guys :march:

I will be logging Phenom and Ht-8. I have a month's supply and will be taking 1 tab' of each first thing in the morning and 1 tab' of each at around half 3 in the afternoon as per the instructions.

To start the log I have copied NT's original posts with the product info':

HT-8 pure clean energy and stamina

So, you have tried to party like a rockstar, act like a monster, and overpaid your barista for something that satisfied your need for energy for merely an hour or two. It's time to save some money and get a more satisfying energy supplement.

Meet HT-8, your 8 hour energy pill that will keep your batteries charged and keep you focused at the task at hand! No crash here, this will pick you up and keep you there until the job is accomplished.

Stacking HT-8 with PhenomV1 will deliver more horsepower to PhenomV1 and give you a more profound boost all day, to give you extremely clean energy and keep the fat burning longer.

Try HT-8 and experience what it is really like to have euphoria and energy. Give one to your barista too!


Product Description
Many stims out on the market claim to be fat loss supplements, but really have no fat-loss promoting ingredients. Some are just mega-doses of caffeine that make you shake, become jittery, and feel horrific the rest of the day. PhenomV1 was not formulated to do that. It actually has the proven ingredients in our proprietary blend that will extinguish your cravings for those succulent sweets, increase your protein synthesis allowing you to drop fat and preserve muscle tissue, not to mention give you a little dose of cheer, with a little bit of mood enhancers.

What PhenomV1 will do is rev up your metabolic rate, allowing the thermogenic properties of the formula to burn more calories than normal. With an energy blend that is sure to keep you going for hours with no crash, a quenched appetite for destruction, you are sure to drop those unwanted pounds and set your fat on fire!

Cha de Bugre – Many may have heard of Cha de Bugre, but never truly understood all the benefits that this wonderful ingredient has to offer to the human body. We’ve added Cha de Bugre to PhenomV1 for the following reasons: Appetite Suppressant, Diuretic, Stimulant, Cardio tonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), Antiviral, Anti-Cancerous, Cough suppressant, Febrifuge (reduces fever), and Wound healer. As you can see, Cha de Bugre is a well-rounded ingredient! It just had to be added to PhenomV1!

Banaba – Acting as a glucose transporter, Banaba helps the body utilize glucose in a productive manner. By doing this, Banaba has tighter control over the blood sugar and insulin levels within our body allowing it to be used to promote weight loss. This can all be done by very little alterations to our current diets. For many people, fluctuations in blood sugar can relate to appetite and various cravings such as breads and sweets. This can be controlled with Banaba through appetite and sugar control.

L-Theanine – Why L-Theanine in PhenomV1? The following are just a few of the benefits:

In addition to relaxation, research suggests that L-Theanine may also assist in the following: heightening mental acuity, promoting concentration, acting antagonistically against the paralysis induced by caffeine, supporting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and a healthy way to increase brain dopamine.

Glucomannan – Studies have indicated that long term use of Glucomannan may help prevent the risk of heart attacks and strokes in individuals. Research has found that the use of Glucomannan will give you that sense of fullness due to its water-binding effects. As it creates a thick gel, glucomannan delays the release of sugar into the bloodstream. As a result, this helps lower levels of insulin and blood sugar allowing for our body to utilize all the natural resources. Because of these added benefits, glucomannan can also assist with improving blood-lipid profiles and systolic blood pressure.

Some of the other ingredients include: Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract,.... and MANY MORE!!!


LtL 04-07-2010 05:02 PM

First impressions upon receiving the product:

Small bottles full of gel capsules. I think one of the other loggers of AA products mentioned the font size: I have perfect vision (no spec's or lenses) and it was small but perfectly legible.

No noticeable smells upon opening them. Took 1 cap' of each this afternoon which may have been a mistake as I'd just downed a cup of coffee after lunch about 2 hours before. Gave me a bit of an upset stomach but no different from having too much coffee. Nice energy with no buzzing feeling which bodes well. Tomorrow I'm going to take the cap's first thing and hold off on my usual morning cup of coffee until I feel as if I need it.

Looking forward to this supp taking me to the end of my cut successfully :thumbs_up:


BendtheBar 04-07-2010 05:03 PM

Hit it hard Ltl!

nighttrain 04-07-2010 05:49 PM

great opening posts LtL, I'm looking forward to a gr8 log from you.

LtL 04-08-2010 04:14 PM

Day 2

1 Cap of Phenom and HT-8 first thing in the morning and 1 of each at 3pm.

Cut back on the caffeine today to see what effect the supp's would have and the answer: very good ones! Normally I can't function at work until I've had at least 1 cup of coffee but today I only had one cup all day.

The supp's seem to give energy and focus without giving a big buzz OR a big crash. Looking good so far.


rippednmichigan 04-08-2010 07:37 PM

Whats up LtL!! Glad to see you got a log going on over here. I did get your PM the other day just been so busy. Logs looking good, now tear it up big guy!

jslep 04-09-2010 07:16 AM

i love this stack..........cut it up man!!

LtL 04-09-2010 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by rippednmichigan (Post 46154)
Whats up LtL!! Glad to see you got a log going on over here. I did get your PM the other day just been so busy. Logs looking good, now tear it up big guy!

Thanks buddy. Will eventually get a lifting log up here as well, hopefully this weekend so watch out for that :chow:


Originally Posted by jslep (Post 46273)
i love this stack..........cut it up man!!

Will do. I had a terrible night's sleep last night but energy today is solid without needing massive coffee overdoses so looking good :rockon:


LtL 04-11-2010 06:14 AM

Solid day of energy yesterday. No jitters, no buzzing just good clean energy and focus.


nighttrain 04-11-2010 08:48 AM


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