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linedriver465 09-27-2013 03:48 PM

LD Logs D-Pol and Condense
Special thanks to Randoja and team over at Purus Labs for giving me the opportunity to log 30 days of D-Pol and 40 servings of Green Apple Condense.

D-Pol Nutrition Facts

Condense Green Apple Nutrition Facts

About Me
Lifting seriously for 4 years, starting with a focus on bodybuilding, then moving towards a focus on powerlifting, and now focusing again on muscular size and symmetry.

Lifting Log:

Currently Lifting 4x week on a body part split designed by Steve which incorporates bulldozer sets, high volume, and low to moderate rest periods. Calories range from 2500-3500+ depending on the day, but my goal right now is to add mass.

D-Pol Review Criteria

* Mood
* Energy
* Body Composition

Condense Review Criteria

* Taste and Mixibility (for the first dose)
* Energy
* Pump
* Other (endurance, crash, etc...)

Thanks for checking in and joining me along for the ride. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please do not hesitate to voice them!

linedriver465 09-27-2013 08:22 PM

Day 1

Took my first 3 tablet dose this morning on an empty stomach - too early to comment on D-Pol's effects

* Mood- N/A
* Energy - N/A
* Body Composition - N/A


* Taste - the green/crisp apple flavor was very subtle in 16 ounces of water. Definitely no artifical aftertaste like some pre-workouts (at least to my pallet lol). Went down smooth and didn't upset my tastebuds or my stomach; it was quite refreshing actually
* Mixibility- 1 scoop in 16 ounces of water shaken in a shaker bottle for about 5 seconds was perfect; no residue or granules
* Energy - I have a pretty high stim tolerance (ie drink a bunch of coffee in the morning + pre workout on lifting days) but there was definitely a subtle boost of energy during my chest + triceps workout today. Heck, I even had extra energy to hit the heavy bag for a few rounds, perform a few sets of abs and shoulder exercises too.
* Pump - wicked nice pump in my chest after cable flies; triceps were seizing up on my after CGBP and tricep push downs. This bodybuilder-esque routine, paired with Condense equates to engorged muscles. I am pleased lol
* Other (endurance, crash, etc...) - no crash which is always good and endurance felt fairly high during this ultra high volume and high density body part split.

Stay tuned for legs tomorrow!

linedriver465 09-28-2013 01:28 PM

Day 2

D-Pol - 3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach

* Mood - N/A
* Energy - N/A
* Body Composition-N/A

Still too early to notice any effects from D-Pol. On the bright side, the tablets will be super easy to take on the plane since I travel ever week. It's also nice that it includes vitamin D because I supplement with that anyways.

Condense - 1.5 scoops in 12 ounces of water on leg day

* Energy - took it on an empty stomach after a late night of going out with friends. 1.5 scoops was perfect for leg day - a noticable boost of energy that lasted throughout most of my workout. I haven't trained fasted in a while so the caffeine hitting my empty stomach is always a nice surprise - I get more bang for my buck.
* Pump - wicked lower inner quad pump after back squats and leg press - I don't think I've ever had a pump there lol. Also left the gym with a solid hammie and calf pump. The DOMS is gonna be wicked tomorrow haha
* Other (endurance, crash, etc...) - powered through the hellacious leg workout and although I felt nauseous afterwards it wasn't due to the pre workout but probably due to training on an empty stomach + high reps + low rest + high volume leg exercises. I love that's there's no crash

linedriver465 09-29-2013 08:11 PM

Day 3

D-Pol - 3 tablets in the morning on an empty stomach

* Mood - N/A
* Energy - N/A
* Body Composition-N/A

Still too early to notice any effects from D-Pol.

Condense - 1 scoop in 12 ounces of water on shoulders + biceps day

* Energy - this is the first time I lifted 3 days in a row since starting this new routine. I was a little worried that I'd feel fatigued since I pressed on Friday, but during my warm-up, I noticed a slight boost of energy and IMO I require less of a caffeine boost for an upper compared to lower body workout haha. Energy stayed solid throughout the entire workout.
* Pump - Awesome trap, front/side/rear delt, and bicep pump. So basically every muscle I hit directly got a solid pump which is a good indicator that the proper muscles are firing on a given exercise. Even my forearms had a little pump!
* Other - no crash as per usual and endurance stayed high - I even had enough work capacity for a few shoulder health exercises.

Looking forward to taking tomorrow off then crushing back/traps/forearms on tuesday and chest/tris on wendesday. Stay tuned!

linedriver465 10-03-2013 12:21 PM

D-Pol - 3 tablets on an empty stomach every morning

* Mood - right now work is pretty hectic and morale is low but my mood had remained fairly steady; personally I don't feel like I'm adding significant value. My impatience remains relatively constant too lol
* Energy - I have no problem waking up in the morning but the last few days I have found myself drinking less coffee during the day and not having to motivate myself to an additional extent while traveling on the road
* Body Composition- I'm beginning to "feel" a bit denser, but it could be purely psychological at this point. No changes in dryness/muscle hardness.

10/2 and 10/3
1 scoop of Condense 15 minutes pre workout on Back/Traps/Forearms and Chest/Triceps

* Energy - since I travel Monday through Thursday, the workdays can be quite long (10-12 hour days), so I typically cant get in to the gym until 7 or 8pm which is quite late for me. Although 1 scoop of Condense doesn't provide a "noticable boost" of energy, I do get a few BA tingles and find myself with increased motivation to lift after such a long day. And with 1 scoop even that late in the day I don't have a problem falling asleep by 11pm
* Pump - Awesome pump; Condense really shines in the pump department. However my pump in my triceps during the my chest exercises may have hurt my bench press performance. Nothing of note with regards to increase in vascularity but the pump is sweet.
* Other - No crash and endurance during the high density workouts continues to be high. Kinda disappointed I didn't progress on my bench press rep goal of 25+ across 3 sets but I'm thinking that's due to other factors

linedriver465 10-06-2013 02:31 PM

10/4-10/6: D-Pol: 3 caps in AM on empty stomach
Mood - no major changes in aggressiveness, which is something that typically changes for guys who use DAA. I've been feeling a bit more "confident/alpha" but that could be due to a variety of factors.

Energy - I've been sleeping a lot deeper and energy has remained constant throughout the day.

Body Composition - muscle hardness and fullness seems to be increasing every morning, but nothing with regards to vascularity outside of the gym. Hunger is also much higher than usual - if I recall increased hunger occurs everytime I use DAA. Libido has also increased :D

10/4: Condense - 2 scoops on leg day
Energy - Not going to lie, it takes a lot of mental energy to power through my leg day and the 2 scoops of Condense helped somewhat, but I wouldn't say it "carried" me through the workout.

Pump - wicked pump in my glutes, quads, hammies, and calves on leg day. My calves nearly cramped up during direct calf work because they were already pumped going in to the workout.

Other - No crash as usual; I was kinda hoping I'd get more BA tingles from 2 scoops of Condense but I guess my body has adapted to that intake of Beta Alanine. Vacularity has been ok, but nothing crazy, probably about average.

Henry19 10-06-2013 02:50 PM

You've been living in Boston for a few months and you're already dropping 'wicked' all over the place...

linedriver465 10-06-2013 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by Henry19 (Post 414165)
You've been living in Boston for a few months and you're already dropping 'wicked' all over the place...

hahaha. well my parents lived there for 10 years. What can I say, I'm a product of my environment :P I also use "y'all" from time to time. I must have no city identity haha

linedriver465 10-06-2013 05:36 PM

10/6: 1 scoop of Condense 15 minutes pre workout
Energy - not gonna lie, didn't feel anything from one scoop in the energy department. Don't get me wrong, I had energy and stamina to complete today's workout, but there wasn't a noticeable boost from Condense

Pump - awesome pump in my shoulders after my first shoulder dominant exercise - standing OHD Press. Once BHTNP came around my front/lateral/rear delts and traps were pumped like crazy! I could hardly lift my arms after biceps.

Other - no crash, but also no real energy boost. Endurance was solid throughout the workout and I progressed in pretty much everything except the first exercise, standing overhead press.

brad1224 10-07-2013 12:42 PM

great log. yeah i usually do two scoops then i dropped it to one and it was good for that day but the next day i tried one again but it didnt feel the same so i bumped it back to two the next day.

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