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moeheep 03-22-2013 07:22 PM

Thw scoop on SynMax Protein by MoeHeep
I recently had the opportunity to sample SynMax Protein by Muscle Gauge Nutrition. SynMax is a premium protein powder with 23 gr of protein per serving, PLUS, each serving has 6 gr Glutamine, and 5 gr BCAA's.

First of all, Props to Muscle and Strength for sending an entire 5 lb tub of the chocolate flavor. I have received samples in the past to review, and they send anywhere from 1 to 4 servings....kind of hard to give good feedback after 1 serving. Anyway, to really give it a go, and show my appreciation, I ordered a second tub, also in chocolate, since I drink 5 shakes a day, 2 tubs would last me 26 days, a decent amount of time to really see how it works.

#1. How does it mix. Mixes well, of course if you have a hurricane shaker cup, you can mix anything well, so this shouldn't ever be a problem. I mix it with 8 oz whole milk, and 8 oz water.

#2. Taste...... here is the downfall, taste was NO GOOD at all. It had a dry, bitter, chalky taste to it. So I tried to doctor it up. Added splenda, gave it a sweetened, dry, bitter chalky taste. I tried all water and no milk, all milk and no water. Honey, nothing worked ...until I mixed it 75% SynMax and 25% M&S Chocolate Protein Powder. That did it, it then tasted fine.

#3. Cost. 5lb tub, 65 servings = 61.5 cents per. Some might think a little high compared to what you can find, but when you subtract the cost of the Glutamine and BCAA you now DON'T have to buy, it's really a bargain.

#4. Extras Ingredients. Now I am on the fence about Glutamine, some say it is great to take, others say don't bother. I do not take it normally, but if it is included...why not? BCAA's on the other hand, I am a firm believer in and I really liked that they were included. The BCAA supplement I was taking was costing about 24 cents a day, with SynMax, it was included in the price of admission, and, And, AND there was considerably more in just 1 serving than I was taking separately all day. To ME, this is a BIG PLUS!

#5 the big question.....How does it work? A-1. Since I added the M&S at 25%, it stretched out to about 165 servings for the 2 tubs, over 1 months worth. During that month, I had a noticeable increase in muscle size. I did not notice it, but my workout partner, and my son both made comments out of the blue. Of course, this could have been attributed to a number of factors, change in training routine, higher intensity, increase food intake. etc. I am sure it was a combination of all those, but none the less, it was still there. Strength wise, I did not see anything out of the normal progression I usually make. But then again, I have always taken protein powders, so I guess it is not the next "Miracle supplement" but it was a very capable protein supplement.

#6. Would I recommend it? YES, cost wise, if you take Glutamine or BCAA's it will save you money, and like I said, it certainly works as well, or better than any other protein powder I have used. The only negative is the chocolate flavor. I have not tried any of the other flavors but I will. I really liked the cost savings and the added BCAA's so I will continue to buy it until I find a flavor I like, or I will keep blending with M&S Protein powder. I liked it that much.

Again, thanks to M&S for the opportunity. If anyone has any specific questions, I will be happy to answer then, just PM me and I WILL get back to you.

bruteforce 03-22-2013 07:46 PM

Nice write up Moe.

I tried out the Ice Cream Sandwich or something like that. Same experience. Great protein, but chalky and miserable tasting.

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