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linedriver465 01-10-2013 12:36 AM

LD Reviews MGN Synmax Whey- Rocky Road
Special thanks to the folks at Muscle Gauge Nutrition for sending me a FULL tub of the new Synmax whey, Rocky Road flavor!

I wrote the following review after 2 weeks of daily use at 3 scoops per day

Nutritional Profile
With 23 grams of protein per 1 scoop (35 gram serving), MGN is right on par with most whey blends with a protein percentage of 65.7% by weight.

The smell of Synmax isnít strong or overpowering to the nose, but I get light chocolate notes with a slight nutty flavor. Upon scooping the whey in to a cup, the raw texture is slightly different than the whey blends Iím used to using but that may be due to the milk protein concentrate. The granules seem to be finer and denser than other whey products. Additionally, when I added the usual amount of water I use to make whey brownies, Synmax absorbed way more water than other brands, making the initial consistency thicker. However, after adding just a splash more water, it reached my desired pre-microwave consistency. Bottom line Ė Synmax is more absorbent than typical whey blends; Iíd give it a B on smell/mixability

To taste Synmax Rocky Road in its entirety, I made a few shakes with water (although I usually prefer almond milk). As mentioned with the smell, the chocolate flavor is not overpowering and I pick up slight hints of nuts and even a twang of fluffernutter. Please note that the latter flavors arenít particularly apparent unless youíre really looking for them. Rocky Road is a complex flavor due to the combination of ingredients involved, but Iíd give MGN a B+ on taste given the flavor Ė I would have liked a little stronger flavor, especially in the marshmallow/nut department.

I mixed MGN in the following: hot coffee with a spoon, cold water with a spoon, cold water with a shaker, and in to protein brownies. Synmax mixed well with cold water in shaker and with a spoon. However, when I tried to mix it with a spoon in hot coffee, it clumped up a little bit and floated to the top. After some additional mixing and breaking up of the chunks, it stayed mixed without significant settling to the bottom of the cup. The protein brownie was a real stand-out with Synmax Ė the combination of the Rocky Road flavor and natural peanut butter made for an excellent brownie that didnít dry out after I microwaved it. Iíd give it an A+ on versatility.

At a cost of $39.99 + shipping for 5lbs from the M&S store, itís right on par with the price of other whey protein blends. I would expect more than 65 servings at that price as most other whey blends offer 70-75 servings in a 5lb tub, but with the cost of raw materials ever-increasing, Iíll give MGN a B+ on value. A few more servings at the same price would bump it up to an A rating.

Thanks to everyone who read this review Ė hopefully it was helpful and please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

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