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Q&A Questions and answers with some of the top lifters on MAB.

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Old 02-13-2015, 10:01 AM   #1991

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How do I combine a lot of running, push-ups and sit-ups (for military) with strength training? Should I remove some exercises from my strength training? For example, with all of push-ups I am going to be doing should I still do bench press, and with all the running I am going to be doing should I still squat? Or would trying to get as strong as possible in the big 4 help me get through military basic easier?
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Old 02-14-2015, 09:05 PM   #1992
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Max Brawn
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Steve, been using higher reps (8 reps minimum, usually 10+) on all row variations for well over a year. Do you think I am leaving something on the table concerning back strength/mass by not going heavier for lower reps, at least occasionally?
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Old 02-18-2015, 07:18 PM   #1993
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Hello Steve,

first some information about me:

22 years old
186cm tall
84 kg @ 10-12% bf
Squat 5rm 130kg
Paused Bench and Row 8rm 85kg
Deadlift 5rm 150kg
Goal: PowerBuilding

I am currently on this program: / and was wondering when to do paused bench and when to do touch and go?
I am currently doing all my bench and military presses with about a 1 sec pause.

What could i improve?

Thank You for everything!
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Old 03-22-2015, 06:44 PM   #1994
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Default Full-body in between

Dear Steve,

I am in transition from a split routine to a full-body routine because it makes more sense to me.
During my research, i ran into your "Muscle Building: Fullbody Workouts vs. Splits - BBOD #64" video and it appears to me that you are pretty knowledgeable in this area.

Now i have a few questions, if i train full-body every 48 hours, but i train abs and calves separately in between also every 48 hours (so i would be training 6 days a week in this order: 1-full-body 2-abs and calves 3-full-body 4-abs and calves 5-full-body 6-abs and calves)...

a. will the abs and calves training in between impair my recovery? (i am only training them on separate days for mental purposes, i simply feel better on the days i train as opposed to the days i don't so i like to go to the gym as frequent as possible)

b. do i need a full rest-day? because when i train my abs and calves i do feel like the rest of my body recovers by the time i hit them again, i don't feel like abs put a lot of stress on me, but then again just because my sourness isn't present anymore doesn't mean i'm fully recovered.

c. if i need a rest day to like deload or something, can i do it every 12 days or 16 days, i mean what makes the 7th day special? why rest every 3 training sessions why not every 4 why not every 2 why not every 10?

e. how often should i change my routine? every week? every 2? every 6? please tell me why if possible!

f. what do you think is the optimal number of sets, reps and max-rep percentage weight to work with during a full-body workout and why?

g. is doing light cardio (as in track laps between sets, easy rowing or easy biking before training) going to impair my progress? i heard extensive cardio increases muscle breakdown, i don't know if 10 minutes before training and 1 minute laps between sets is "extensive" in that manner.

h. I tend to remove the fast digesting carbs take before and after the exercise during my abs and calves days because i don't feel like spiking insulin since it's a light training, is that a bad thing to do? why? (sums up to about 300 calories btw) also, if removing the fast digesting carbs is ok, should i replace it with slow digesting carbs? or is it ok be 300 calories less than the major training days because well, i believe that since i'm not gonna be training as hard then i don't need those carbs .. what's your take on this?

Thank you,


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