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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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OK, we're going over the same ground here. Again, one person achieving wonderful health is great for that individual, but you can't really draw any firm conclusions from a single experience. Which is why you won't find any of your doctors shouting about the wonders hey know that N=1 isn't enough for a recommendation.

I'm sure that Lisa does only want to work with people who will invest some faith in her views. That's the difference between medicine and naturopathy. Medicine works better if there is some faith in the procedure. Naturopathy only works if there's faith in it. And I'm sure Lisa will genuinely help some of those people who buy into her philosophy.

You say that your willpower was a key factor in you getting better, and that 'not many people would be willing to do what I did to get healthy'. I wonder if you have really thought through the implications of that belief. Because if you believe that you cured yourself through 'enough willpower to fill a crater' (and some nutritional help), that implies that people with similar conditions simply don't have enough willpower to cure themselves. They have the condition because they are too weak-willed to do anything about it. By saying health is a lot to do with will-power, you might just as well say being ill is your own fault.

A few questions: What makes you think that all those other people who are also poorly aren't also very, very motivated to get better? That they also wouldn't do whatever it took to get better, just like you were? Do you really believe that people can achieve marvellous cellular health just by wanting it enough (and avoiding nightshade plants etc)?

I can certainly see how willpower is a factor in defeating some lifestyle related conditions like diabetes, but extending the argument to other conditions like arthritis sounds a bit too much like magic.
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