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Old 05-07-2010, 01:04 PM   #21
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I usually get 4 pounds of turkey, 2 packages of taco rice and some stewded tomatoes and cook that on Sunday. It gives me 5 meals for the week. Helps me big time during the week, because I just hate cooking sometimes.

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SWells_TheMachine is off to a good startSWells_TheMachine is off to a good startSWells_TheMachine is off to a good startSWells_TheMachine is off to a good startSWells_TheMachine is off to a good start

So this will be a post that covers everything from Friday until yesterday, very busy weekend but fun like you wouldnt believe. Diet stayed pretty good and workout went great Friday (ill get to that). In a previous post I mentioned I had a friend visiting this weekend, so it was my last weekend to let lose now I got 7 weeks of strict dieting. So here we go...

Friday Meals:

Protein shake w/ glutamine
Two hard boiled eggs
Two sausages
2 1000 mg's of CLA (breakfast then lunch)
1000 mg of fish oils
Animal Pak multi vitamen

Grilled chicken salad with brocchli, cheese, onions, peppers and low fat blue cheese

Beef jerkey

Work out:
Bench: barx15, 135x7, 185x5, 225x2, 290x1 contest pause, 310x1 contest pause, 285x7 off of one board

Deadlift: Barx15, 135x3, 225x3, 315x1, 405x1, 495x1, 550x1 (PR!!!!!!) It went up so easy I had another 10+ pounds in me, I think I solved the flaw in my technique, I am really excited to see my progress in the next few weeks. Its funny because 495 went up like nothing and my trainer was thinking maybe rep that out do some real strength building, but I felt awesome and wanted 550 bad so we went with it, very glad I did.

Log Press: 90x5 120x5 165x5

Slight incline dumbell press: 20x10 40x10 60x10 80x7 70x11

Cable Rows 150x10 200x10 250x25

Rear lat raises and shrug superset:

Rear Lat:10x20
Shrugs: 60'sx30
Rear Lat 20x20
Shrugs 60'sx30
Rear Lat 10x20
Shrugs 60'sx30

Body Weight Box Squats x 200
Step up and kick throughs on 30 inch box 1 set of 25 each leg (I suggest these for anyone who wants to improve deadlift, they work great. Usually do 5 sets of 25-30 off a 18-24 inch box. Sometimes super set them with lunges or squats.)

That wrapped up the work out. I felt awesome, so happy with the deadlift, bench was not to bad at all. Still getting my log press technique down but its coming. Really need to work on my stabilizer muscles for dumbell presses, I was all over the place.

Food for the rest of the day/weekend:
Protein shake w/glutamine
beef teryaki
3 or 4 jack daniels on the rocks

*I dont usually drink as much as I did this weekend, but it was a celebration and my friend visiting it was long over due.

3 eggs and 3 sausages with a protein shake
1000 mg CLA
1000 mg fish oils
Large ice coffee black

I woke up late so this was more of a lunch than anything, then headed to Bridgewater to sit down for a 5 hour tattoo session. Munched on beef jerkey and peanuts

Dinner we went to my buddies tepynaki restaurant and had some grilled shrimp and steak with a side of veggies and sashimi and a jack on the rocks


large black ice coffee
salad with walnuts cranberries peaches and a vingarette dressing
chicken salad with onions and peppers

headed into the red sox vs. yankees game munched some fenway peanuts and had a hamburger with no bun. two jack daniels and diet cokes

I realized I went through all these posts without ever mentioning water intake, I easily put down a gallon+ a day so its never a concern.

Well it was quite the weekend, had unbelievable amount of fun while staying relatively strict so I am happy. Now its crunch time. I usually am scheduled to work out today after work, but its going to be a toss up. You wouldnt know it but it takes an enormous amount of energy to sustain and recover from 5 hours of a tattoo so needless to say Im drained and sore. Today might just be a light body building/cardio day but we will see what the boss (trainer) wants to do. I dont know if we got tattoo fans on this board if we do let me know, I am working on a doozy right now, 14.5 hours of chair time so far with another 2-3 to go at the end of this month. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I will have another post later tonight with my food and (possible) workout tonight.
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