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Originally Posted by Aqeel View Post
Hello Every one.
I seem to be making an assumption for which I need correction if needed.
My bodyweight hovers between 121 to 124 kg. But strength levels on my powerlifting do not match close to those body weight of mine.
Would losing bodyfat weight help my up my strength levels,or some thing like that.
Please do explain the principle,or had any experiences similar to mine.
Squat : 115kg
Bench Press: 115kg
Deadlift: 160kg.
I put an answer to this on the other thread. Just a comment about German Volume Training. I said on the other thread that I thought it was a terrible system for increasing strength. That's based on my own experience and on other people I've worked with. However, if you've had a good experience with it. then that's good. And I also always listen to what Steve (BTB) has to say.

I think most training systems can increase strength for a period of time, if that system addresses a shortcoming from the previous method of training. So for example, guys who train with low volume and high intensity are sometimes starved of the benefits of high volume. They can experience a surge in strength from swapping to German Volume Training and so on. Guys who train once a week are starved of frequency - often they will make gains if they swap to high frequency programme. Guys who train at high reps can improve through doing low rep work.

And of course just any sort of change from a routine you're bored with can motivate you to work harder and push yourself more.
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Old 06-29-2014, 10:47 AM   #12
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Aqeel is new to the forumAqeel is new to the forum

hello Tannhauser.
yes, i must say i am in the latter, where the G.V.T system has helped and enjoyed it, nope i am not 6'5 at all, but am 5" 9.5.
so must lose weight, and be patient.
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