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Powerlifting & Strength Training Topics related to powerlifting and strength training.

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Default "Want a Big Bench? Get a Grip, BRO"

Your grip is one of the most crucial, yet misunderstood, aspects of any big lift. Whether you’re squatting, bench pressing, deadlifting, rowing, or overhead pressing, you need a solid, sturdy grip on the bar for your reps to be performed correctly. If you’ve gone through a few cycles of 10/20/Life, you’ll also be handling some big-ass weights—and that entails knowing several important technical points most coaches and trainers seem to overlook

ATTACK YOUR WEAK POINTS: This is one of the main strategies of 10/20/Life, and I address this in great detail in the book—but it can affect your grip as you develop, too. If you’re a lanky guy or girl, attack this weakness by filling out your frame. Thicken up your torso and limbs. Keep your main work—your squat, bench, and deadlift—in the most advantageous grip range possible, but you should also put yourself in different grips from time to time.

For example, for a guy with a skinny frame, long torso, lanky arms, and wide shoulders, here’s how I’d handle things:

1. Start with a medium grip for your main bench work.

2. After a few sets, transition to a closer grip (in about four inches per side). This will put you in a tough position, with a longer press, and it’ll really tax your triceps and pecs.

3. Finish off with more 10/20/Life-style triceps and chest work.

For your assistance work on bench day, dips will work your grip through a huge range of motion, working your upper body thoroughly. On your deadlift day, learn to lock your grip in with pull-ups and rows, using a narrow grip for a long range of motion. This will fill out your lats and rhomboids, and it’ll carry over to your bench, too.
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"This is about strength, not getting a 10.0 form score from the Russian judge" Steve Shaw
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