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Originally Posted by CaseyB1987 View Post
I'll try to explain it the best I can. First off our system is all screwed up.

The schools provide lunches.

The kids pay for the lunches. Or they bring their own lunch.

Years ago (like when I was in school) our lunch portions were larger.

Over the years people have gottn' fatter.

Instead of trying to teach kids and parents to eat healthier and avoid fast foods, they decided to try and starve the kids by cutting the lunch portions.

The gov. thinks that a calorie is a calorie, but its not.

The stupid gov. plan doesnt work, kids and parents are pissed, kids leave school hungry.

Because they are hungry and broke they eat more fast food and junk.

In short our gov. is not fixing a problem, they're just creating another one.
While the above is true, lets not forget other measures that our government and the schools have taken. Less recess for the kids for starters.

We worry so much about where our placement tests stack up compared to the rest of the world, and because we have "dipped" we decide that we need to reinvent the wheel and start keeping kids in the class longer, while depriving them of exercise time, recess and gym. Don't get me started on our math and science comparisons with other countries, many of whom count those tests and who takes them VERY differently than the US.

Anywho, back to the recess/gym thing, kids have less time and opportunities to burn off excess energy and get fat because of it. Since they don't get recess time, they get fidgety in class and cause "distractions". Next thing you know the school is encouraging you to put your kid on behavioral medications to cure the problem. Half of the time those meds are assigned with no real guidelines for accurate doses for children, but are guessed at by doctors. More often doing a hell of a lot more harm than good to the kids.

God, now I'm pissed off. Sorry I could rant and rave all damn day about this crap and the total f*ing idiots we have making decisions for everyone else in this country. LESS GOVERNMENT=GOOD!!!
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