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Default Getting a 1500 lb Total, 242, No Wraps

I've determined I'll hit at least 1500 lbs weighing around 235 in October. I may be a few pounds more or less. I've talked of this briefly in my diet thread, but if you're like me, you rarely read about nutrition. You know, powerlifting is all about steak and milk.

So my plans over the coming months are quite simple, and nothing foreign to how I've trained for the last two years. Any critique is appreciated.

Primary movements: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press.

Method of training: 4x a week. Always work within 70-85% range. Volume and reps will be a must when it's time to bulk up again. Until then, do enough to leave feeling energized and tired. Heavier weeks can be added on a whim, and I'm expecting to see my percentages change very quickly once I begin to really start the weight gain process. With that in mind, the basic numbers will be 550/330/600 for 1480 lb total. While the bench should be easy to surpass, the squatting and deadlifting will surely need reps and plenty of continued attention to form. As for benching, here over the next so many weeks, several sets and reps should be performed. I've not used the bench as a primary lift in several months. That, and my technique is not consistent like my SQ and DL.

I have an idea of sticking to a 3 week scheme, and deloading if and when necessary only.
An example:
Week one: Work w/in the 70-80% range. I'm guessing sets as high 10 and 12 will be fine.
Week two: 80-85% range. Low volume work as high as 90% is acceptable. Don't overdo it. Sets between 6-8 reps? No more than a triple and a single on the 90%, unless 90% is definitely not "90%" anymore.
Week three: 70-85% range. Evaluate, assess. How is it going? Too easy? Too hard? Add weight? Stay at that weight? More volume? It's up to you. Pick your poison. See week 1 and 2 for possible reps?

Assistance will always include at least another compound lift- RDLs, Good mornings, Front squats, Barbell Rows, Incline bench, CG bench, Bearded Beasts of Duloc, whatever... I'm guessing higher reps will be useful here too.

I know this is probably a joke of a layout to many people, but this is how I've thought of it.

10 weeks out from my meet, I'll use the Lilliebridge training method and see if that doesn't help me peak for 1500+ lbs.
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