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Default Life Got in the way, coming back soon... considering 5/3/1, halp

Hey! Been busy with work, had to grab a second job, hopefully soon things will settle and I can jam in an hour to get into the gym and make it happen. The thing is that my lovely hepburn routine as great as it is, takes a long time. So i have been checking out other ideas, its fun to shake things up, but I need something for the long haul. While im not an ultra competitive powerlifter, I love the powerlifting mentality and culture and it feels like 5/3/1 may be a good fit for me its not specific to a powerlifting style (i think 3/5/1 is out for that) but still focuses on conditioning and strength building. Wendler seems to have the mind set that if your not done in an hour something is right etc. Curious on your feedback on it. This is what I am thinking of starting up... after I spend a couple weeks doing full bodys just rewarming up the body to the barbell.

5/3/1 - using "boring but big" the second round of the main lift is at most 50%-60% of training max and you can pyramid down too, still hard, but shouldnt be an injury waiting to happen

Warm up before I leave for the gym ill try to do the agile 8.
day 1
Military press 5/3/1
military press 5x10
pull down (cant do chin ups yet) 5x10

day 2
Deadlift 5/3/1
Deadlift 5x10
Side bends DB 5X10 each side

day 3
Bench press - 5/3/1
5x10 bench
Kroc rows 5x10

day 4
squat 5/3/1
squat 5x10
SDL 5x10

This was made with the information out of the 2nd ed book, it looks daunting and it is.. but the way wendler explains how to tackle the second set of the main lift, makes it look doable.


edit: For conditioning, on my off days I want to start walking lots. If its something I really pick up, Ill invest in a weighted vest to use with it, and go for ~45-1hr long walks in the am.
edit2: posted below is the revision to this... i quite like it. thoughts welcomed.
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