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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Old 12-19-2013, 03:58 AM   #11
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jvc2112 is new to the forumjvc2112 is new to the forum

I disagree I got most of my arm gains using momentum then fighting gravity on the down stroke
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I don't have an effing clue, or care either (my biceps always outstrip my triceps, no matter what I do, it seems! ) but fwiw, I feel that the incline DB curl provides a great bicep workout.

Then there's a few lifters who do 100 rep sets of barbell curls. Seems to work for them.

Some say cables are the go, because there's constant tension, etc.

Haha, yeah, I dunno.
41yo, 6', ~200lbs
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Old 03-06-2014, 03:21 PM   #13
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JP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good startJP88 is off to a good start

I do agree with this, but then again for barbell curls for instance, I definitely use my legs and lean back a little bit to launch the weight up. However, when at the top I squeeze my biceps for a second and then go down slowly.

And if I'm unable to slightly use other parts to launch the bar up, then I'd have to go down in weight, which would decrease my gains. So for myself, I find that SLIGHTLY launching the bar up, but then squeezing at the top and slowly coming down is more beneficial for gains.
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