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Mind and Motivation This forum is for the cultivation of motivation, inner health, spiritual health and mental strength.

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Default A Plea to my Psychology: Mental

Each Day, within my OneNote Diet/Training Journal, I take the time to write something in reference to myself, and have been doing this for many years, and is one reason I have been consistent. Because I know and I have learned, that this is a more of a mental battle (self-body), than anything else, and the war establishes itself each and everyday. In an effort to assist someone that would benefit, I posted this thread.

One such personal article today, dated December 17th (8am in the morning, prior to work)

I make a plea to my psychology to correctly look into, examine, and make the correct decisions each day, and have the ability to acknowledge when the body is telling the truth, and it when it is lying, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It is up to my mental psychology. Everything I am noting here, depends solely on this. I am personally dependent on this, and this alone to be successful in fighting the demons of the self. I have no other friend.

I have to be proactive, methodical, intelligent, tough, and persistent, in this personal battle within myself each and every day. There is no other way. I will not process things without a sound battle plan, than includes all the tools I can.

I just saw a good quote I can modify: Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head.

I can change this in many different ways: Holding these issues in your head without resolving them correctly, is like allowing them to reside in your head rent-free, but costing your everything.

Each day of the week there is going to be something different, be it expected or unexpected from within the body, that I will have to learn to properly manage, and has a direct affect on my metal psychology, and within this note, I am: I promise to review, analyze, make "appropriate" adjustments, adapt and learn, and do the best I can within my personal environment. Anything worthwhile, is normally a battle to earn. You have to understand your enemy within. Keep educating yourself on this enemy and learn how to fight and win the majority of the battles within the war. This is the only way. This is the only path of understanding.

If you guys, would write something to yourself, what would you write?

Have a great day!

And, may your passion of your heart bring out the best of what within you!
Age: 53

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