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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I am writing an article about obesity and weight loss, and would like to hear what factors you feel can contribute to obesity.

I am using "can contribute", and not implying these factors are absolutes.

So I have started with:

--Stagnancy - Lack of movement
--Binge Eating - Consumption of food beyond a reasonable amount
--Food Quality - Consuming a high percentage of food that is nutritionally weak
Today, we live in a world, where our personal choices are vastly increased within in our personal environment, and the ease in which to obtain them are are simple and in most cases does not take much effort.

Some may not realize (or thought about), just how short lived our current electronic medium and technology state has been as compared to the lifestyle as little as 100 years ago (or 40 years for that matter). Between 40 to 100 years ago (for example), the lifestyle requirements (to obtain information, to get something or make something to eat, average work, etc), were incredibly different which provided different personal focus and effort. Back then a basic lifestyle required more movement (for example to purchase merchandise, one had to literally go to the store versus moving the fingers on a notebook/tablet to make a purchase and the option to go to the store to purchase or pick up the item, or go to the library to read on a topic versus downloading and reading it on a electronic device). In addition, since communication has increased (through variable electronic devices), how products are marketed has vastly affected the psychology of people within society, and the way they psychologically view food and different products.

In addition, the access to a variety of different foods (Fast food restaurants, Convenience Stores, etc, etc) have dramatically increased which has affected individual choices and personal responsibility to these choices. It has also affected the average mindset or thought processes of individuals. In addition, certain medications muddy the water on certain individuals physiology and psychology.

Obesity (at least to me) is somewhat a complicated subject matter, because of lifestyle, education, and psychology/physiology variables of each person. It is easy to say for example, one cause is just plain lack of education, personal discipline, and personal responsibilities to the available choices (pertaining to the differences I exampled above), but some individuals just do not plain care and accept this responsibility because they simply like to eat (or emotionally eat when upset, or just to feel better). To really examine this, one needs to remove their own personal biases, and examine it with an open mind, and realize the vast amount of personal variables that may be attributing to the situation. To me it is not correct to blame McDonald's or any other fast food business, for the obesity problem. The bottom line is a persons psychology/physiology and life style among the choices available to them.

Individual responsibility aside, one could make a valid argument, that society (meaning the persons running variable businesses that market and make ingredients in various products), are a main contributor the the changing of psychology and mindset of people in general in their "relationship" with food. I do not see (ingredients such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, Preservatives, etc) as a cause (pointing to whether its healthy or not is for a different topic), because I sometimes consume these in food, and I am not fat by any definition of the word, as an example.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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Coeda is off to a bad start

Out of my own experience, Sitting at one place like a coach potato and eating blows and blows of rice has given me a beer belly.
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